Matt Colwell, aka “360”, started off in Melbourne’s hip-hop scene making his name as an underground battle MC. He’s just released his second album Falling & Flying, so EMMA SALKILD gave him a call…

When did you first decide you wanted to be a musician?
I started writing rap at 14, but it was nothing serious. Just a little hobby. I got more into it at 16 and at 19 I started it at a career. Now I’m 25. I used to be obsessed with hip-hop and rap as a kid. It was all I listened too.

What was the first album you bought?
Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

You’ve been described as provocative and pushing boundaries…
I’m just being myself. On Twitter I just say what I’m thinking which sometimes might be rude or crass but I’m just being me. I was told by my manager to tone it down and to not use certain words and that he would take over my account because I was saying too much rude shit, but I told him I want to be myself and if people like it that’s great, if they don’t that’s fine.

What’s the new album like?
I’ve been working on it for two years. I went into it with no rules. I’m not making it a hip-hop album or any album in general. I’m trying to make good music. Whether it was dance, or electro, or dub – we’d do it with no rules. I’m really proud of it. I think it’s a great album.

Where’d you get your name?
When I was eight, I mastered the art of doing cartwheels naked upstairs in my house. I’d do them every night before dinner up my flight of stairs.

Do you still do them?
Nah, I’m finished with that.

Enjoying being on tour?
Loving it. We’re at Perth and then driving to Geraldton. It’s five hours from Perth and shit. I can’t wait.

What’s been a tour highlight?
My favourite on my last tour would be Airlie Beach up north. It’s so beautiful and hot. This tour has been Byron Bay definitely. We were there for three days and really took in the atmosphere and it was sick. I loved it.

What’s been the best venue?
The Factory in Sydney. It was a sell out with 800 screaming people. It was insane.

Ever get into trouble on the tour?
There’s a lot of shit going on and partying but we don’t really get into trouble. We don’t smash TVs in hotel rooms or do that kind of shit.

That’s good.
Yeah, it’s definitely good. We’re tame but we party a lot.

You got any recommendations in Melbourne?
St Airlie Cafe in Melbourne has the best coffee. And a restaurant called Orlando 5 on Bay Street is amazing.

What’s your fave holiday destination in Oz?
Byron Bay. If I were going on a holiday I’d go there for sure. But unfortunately I won’t have time to holiday until next year. I can’t wait to travel. I want to go to South America and Europe. Everywhere really.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?
I used to play basketball but I think I’d be a superhero. I’d be a real sick superhero flying around with a cape and shit.

If you could perform anywhere?
Coachella in America. That is one of my dream goals in life is to do a big festival like that. It’d be sick.

Favourite person to tour with?
I always love performing with Pez. He’s a good mate of mine and we have a good chemistry onstage. And we’ve performed with Bliss n Eso before and to do a show with them you get such a big crowd, it’s insane. Such a big experience. We had 5,000 screaming kids and it was so much fun.

What’s next for you?
This tour finishes this week and then I’ve got a few weeks off where I rehearse with the band non-stop. Then I’ve got a tour again in October that finishes up in November and then it’s summer festival time. Through that time I’ll just be writing music and getting more stuff done.

360 plays Melbourne (22nd Oct), Adelaide (28th Oct), Canberra (29th Oct), Perth (5th Nov) and Sydney (12th Nov). His album Flying & Falling is out now through Soulmate Records.[]