How would you describe your new solo album Descender?
Well I wanted to do a record where the using of the tambour of an orchestra seemed to make sense. I could probably push things further in a way that I couldn’t with Miike Snow and I could use a lot of the things I had learnt about music.

Was it hard working with 75 other musicians?
Yeah it’s quite different, you definitely have to be very cautious going in. You have to make sure everyone is the same page going in, preparation is so important. 

Will you be touring Australia with Miike Snow this year?
We’ve been pretty much every year for the last four years, I’ve also been there with Mark Ronson, so I’ve been there about seven times now. I love the people, they’re super friendly, the crowd are great, Australia really likes Miike Snow, so that’s nice.

What’s the music scene in New York like now?
Well they’re doing the Red Bull Music Academy, there’s like 3,000 bands playing, it’s crazy, they’re taking over the city for a month and playing like galleries and stuff. A lot of my friends are playing, it’s great. 

What do you miss about New York when you’re away?
The food. Not that the food is better than anywhere else, I love Icebergs in Bondi and there are amazing restaurants in Sydney. But in New York it’s more about getting whatever kind of food you might want at any given time, it’s just the best.

Andrew Wyatt’s first solo album, Descender, is out now.