To many, Calvin Harris first rose to prominence after featuring on Dizzee Rascal chart topper “Dance Wiv Me”, but the Scottish singer, songwriter, DJ and producer has many more strings to his bow. He’s produced for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry, his second studio album, Ready For The Weekend, reached number one in the UK in 2009, while last year he mixed massive Ting Tings hit “Hands”. He lands on Aussie shores soon enough to play some solo shows, plus support Rihanna, so we gave him a call…

Where and what are you up to at the moment?
I’m currently back at home in London, in the studio writing more music which will be out all through 2011.

So, you must be excited about heading Down Under and supporting Rihanna?
Of course! I’m looking forward to these a lot. The shows will be huge and I’m a big Rihanna fan so those two combined should make for an amazing tour.

Who’s your musical hero?
I have a few, but Prince is definitely a big one for me.

Do you still get starstruck meeting big acts?
I’m not sure. It depends who it was I guess, but there are definitely some people that I would be taken back by meeting. 

Many people would say you’ve got a dream job. What’s the best bit?
Seeing people go off when you play an amazing tune. Nothing beats that.

You seem to talk about cocktail sausages a lot on Twitter…
I just love all food!

Is it true that former Liverpool footballer Steve McManaman is your childhood hero?
Steve McManaman is a true legend. I didn’t have the amazing hair or the footballing ability to follow in his footsteps though unfortunately.

Are you hoping to explore Australia at all while you’re down here?
I love getting out and about in Sydney. It’s always good fun.

What one super power would you choose?
It’s got to be the ability to fly. Then I wouldn’t have to go through airport security the whole time and I could leave my shoes on.

Drink of choice?
Red Bull. It’s got me through many shows. It’s a good friend.

Dream drinking partner?
Maybe Prince again. Just because I’m pretty sure he’d have some amazing stories.

If you could play with any act in history, who would it be?
Outkast. I can’t imagine what that would be like, but they’re amazing.

Calvin Harris plays DJ sets in Brisbane (Feb 25), Melbourne (Feb 26), Sydney (Feb 27), Gold Coast (Mar 6), Adelaide (Mar 10) and Perth (Mar 11). See He’ll also be at Rihanna’s gigs in Brisbane (Feb 25), Newcastle (Feb 28), Sydney (Mar 4 & 5), Melbourne (Mar 7 & 8), Adelaide (Mar 10) and Perth (Mar 12).

Calvin’s new record, Onelove Sonic Boom Box, is out now, through Onelove Recordings