Sydney Bridgeclimb
In a nutshell: Spectacular views of a beautiful city.
Tell me more: Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge together has to be the “height” (geddit) of romance this Valentine’s Day. Risking life and limb together in search of a spectacular view is about one of the coolest things you could do in one of Australia’s prettiest cities. And if you choose to climb on February 14 you will receive a personalised Valentine’s message published in The Daily Telegraph’s Book of Love. Aww, sweet.
Where: Sydney Harbour.

Outback Lovin’
In a nutshell: Sleeping under the stars… in the middle of nowhere.
Tell me more: What could be more romantic than wandering off into a deserted land with only each other for company… and safety. The Outback is the most isolated part of Australia and the feeling of being miles and miles from any sort of civilisation can set a romantic vibe. Just pretend you are The Drover and Lady Ashley in the film Australia. Setting up camp in the Kimberley and spending a few days with just each other for company may just make you fall in love. Well, that or you’ll want to kill each other.
Where: Lots of places in the land Down Under, but the Kimberley region is Champions League.

Whitsunday Islands
In a nutshell: The most heavenly place on earth.
Tell me more: Describing this place as the single most romantic spot on earth is not an exaggeration. These 74 stunning islands lie mid-way up the coast of Queensland and are a perfect getaway destination for a loved up Valentine’s Day break. One of the islands is shaped like a heart for goodness sake ­– this place was made for lovers. The Whitsundays is a favourite for couples to get engaged (in fact two people from this very office have chosen this spot to pop the question) so if you choose to go there this Valentine’s weekend don’t be surprised by the amount of men you see getting down on one knee. They are not falling down drunk, just being romantic.
Where: Right beside the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Wine-ing on and on
In a nutshell: Going under Down Under can be very romantic.
Tell me more: Legend has it two strangers met on a trip to the Bethany Winery in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. They got on so well that when they met up again in Cairns a few months later, one told the other he was going to be a father. They reckon they passed on the crucial fluids on the back of the bus, outside the Bethany Winery. When little Bethany was born they wrote to tell the winery and the winemakers responded by sending them a crate every year on their child’s birthday.
Where: Near Adelaide.

Falling for them
In a nutshell: Do a tandem bungy jump.
Tell me more: Does your partner claim they’re prepared to die for you? Well, a bungy jump is a good way to put them to the test. Strictly speaking you won’t die on a bungy jump, or even come close to it. But it’s still pretty effing scary standing there looking into the yawning abyss… Strapped firmly together (some may find this kinky) you’ll go through the whole gamut of emotions, in a very very short space of time – but crucially, together. It’s like facing death together and surviving. Especially good, if they’ve called you boring or unadventurous recently… (This’ll show ‘em).
Where: Cairns has an AJ Hackett bungy jump.