Christina Aguilera has apologised for her national anthem bungle at last night’s Super Bowl.

Instead of the correct line of :”O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?”, Aguilera sang: “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.”

The mishap caused a storm on social websites across America, and the four time Grammy award winner later released an apologetic statement explaining her mistake.

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In the statement Aguilera said: “I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place.”

“I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

Prior to her performance Aguilera said: “I have been performing the anthem since I was seven years old and I must say the Super Bowl is a dream come true … I am really excited to be part of such an iconic event.”

Christina opened up Sunday’s Super Bowl show with the traditional performance of the US national anthem ‘Star-Spangled Banner, in front of a TV-audience of more than 100 million.

This year’s NFL final was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas with Wisconsin team Green Bay Packers taking home The Vince Lombardi Trophy after their win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.