Craig McLachlan is well known for his part as Henry Ramsay in Neighbours, which he followed up with quite a short pop career. He takes the lead role in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, a hit in the UK and in his native Australia.

1 The series is set in Ballarat. Can you see yourself settling somewhere like that? 

Ballarat is a great town, with a fascinating history. Lovely people, good vibe, I could easily live there….The only thing missing? Surf!

2 Do you identify with the character Blake in anyway?

The good Dr has a strong sense of justice, a real handle on what’s fair, I’m a bit like that. I struggle with anything that isn’t fair.

3 Do you have a particular series that you preferred making to any of the others?

Honestly, we all have such a fab time making ‘Blake’, every season is a hoot. Some seasons have presented some tricky days, locations, weather etc, but really we have a ball.

4 How did you get into TV?

Auditioning, auditioning, auditioning….

5 Where are you going on vacation this year?

It’s a hotly guarded secret, but I’ll tell you this…..there’ll be no devices! No smart-phones, tablets, lap-tops…… 

6 Do you enjoy travel?

It all depends on the reason for the travel & of course, the destination. When you’re a kid, it’s just, “Yeah, gimme the ticket, let’s party”. But you get a little older & it changes. Also, I’ve spent a lot of my adult life travelling, it’s nice to stay put for a minute. 

7 When were you last in London?

England’s been a second home for me for something like…gosh…20 years or so.

8 Plans for the future? Join the first expedition to the red planet… No too much travel. Truly, just to enjoy every day.

9 Any tips for our readers that want to get into acting?

Become a lawyer, but if it is absolutely the ‘be all & end all’, the one & only thing you wanna do, then give it your all. Be brave, understand that it can be tough, that your self-esteem can take a hammering, but know also that when the ‘right’ job comes along, it’s SO incredibly satisfying. Good luck….& believe anything’s possible. Or, again, there’s Law.

10 Where would you advise our readers to travel to this summer?

Hey, for our readers who aren’t Aussies or Kiwis, come on down! We’ll look after ya. Come to Ballarat & say g’day to Lucien & Jean.