So, we thought we’d take advantage of the launch of Channel 11,Neighbours‘ new home, to grab a few words with actor Ryan Moloney. 

Having played Toadie for half your life now, do you find you’ve merged? Well, quite often the funny stuff of Toadie is actually just me seeing what I can get away with really. There could be a fair amount of my personality in there, but Toadie leads a far more interesting life than I do. If I could do a law degree in two-and-a-half years, that would be awesome.

Is it like having a second family? Absolutely yeah. There’s a lot of people there, cast and crew, who I’ve actually grown up with so there’s a few father figures floating around the place. People love Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy) who I see like a sister. When you’ve been there that long it is like a second family.

Any favourite storylines? The most fun stuff was when Lance was on the show and he had a girlfriend who set him the seven labours of love. We had to make a sci-fi movie and go search for aliens and just do a whole load of stupid stuff. Then when we had Connor in the show and Stuart, we did stupid stuff like barbecuing indoors, ultimately seeing what we could get away with.

Do you miss those days? Yeah, I’d love to bring it back in some ways. I guess now I look to do things behind the scenes really.

It’s a fun set then? Yeah absolutely. Quite often we’re putting stuff in the show, seeing if we get caught. Things like odd, strange looks and behaviour. I think in one scene I posted a loaf of bread.

Do the directors spot it? Some directors know it’s going on and let it go through, and others don’t notice until afterwards. It’s a game of cat and mouse sometimes.

Who’s your main partner in crime? Probably at the moment Eve Morey who plays Sonia.

Are Karl and Susan as legendary in real life? Ha, I have to say yes.

So, according to Wikipedia, you’re a massive Rangers fan and own Ally McCoist’s debut left boot… Ha, that’s fantastic. It’s not true. My uncle is a Sunderland fan and has been trying to get me to support them.

There’s lots of rumours about what you used to get up to at the Neighbours backpacker nights… There’s not a shred of truth to any of those rumours. I started them.

Yeah right. So, any Melbourne tips? Check out the laneways obviously and eat and drink your way around the city. The new docklands precinct is actually pretty good. I would highly suggest going to the Yarra Valley, getting out there and tasting the wines. In terms of experiences, there’s some good scuba diving around Melbourne as well.

Favourite Aussie destination? Port Douglas. I love it. The temperature, all the diving, and the town has a lot of good restaurants. Quite often you go to these little towns and they have a fantastic location, but they can be a bit lacking. Port Douglas has definitely got it going on.

Ever been tempted to release a song like so many of your co-stars? Ah, no. Ha, I’ll leave that to the other people who can sing, or can’t necessarily sing but try anyway. I’ve got no ambitions to do that at all.

Any plans? Same old same old. I’m looking forward to seeing what the scriptwriters will throw me and I’m also learning how to fly at the moment as well, so I’m looking forward to getting in the air a lot.

You lost an impressive amount of weight last year. Is that inspiring you to try new things like flying? Yeah absolutely actually. Losing the weight makes you feel a lot better, but it also gives you confidence to do the things that you always wanted to do.

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