How would you describe yourselves? Spank Rock is a collaboration between hip-hop and dance music in a way that has never been done before, mixing a lot of different sounds from Miami sound to No Wave, Grime to Baltimore stuff.

How have your shows been in the UK? They’ve been really good. We’re having a great time. I think the crowds might be a little bit bigger in the UK than the US.

Your stuff comes across as a lot more obscure than mainstream hip-hop… I move around a lot. I like to find myself in weird places. Whatever is going on in my life I want to make my music resemble that. I’ve probably done a lot more different things than the average hip-hopper.

Did you have the same introduction and hip-hop upbringing? Yeah, just battling, freestyling, using similies and wordplay. When I first started rapping I was biting off all styles. I had the regular hip-hop background.

Have you copped flack for your lyrics – they get pretty nasty in parts? I don’t really care what people have to say about the lyrics. The only real controversial song might be “Coke And Wet”. If they were really listening to the lyrics than they’d have more to say than just comment on what’s explicit about it. I don’t really have time for those people.

Well, you’re definitely getting asses shaking and that’s the main thing. That’s the point, yeah.

How did you find yourself on UK hip-hop label Big Dada? Diplo is signed to Big Dada. He got the demo that Alex and I did from his partner, whose name is No Budget. I like No Budget ‘cos I think he has great taste in music. I gave it to No Budget ‘cos I always give my music to people I respect and see what they have to say for it. He wanted to share it with Diplo ‘cos they spend a lot of time together and he’s like “Yo, Naeem, make some pretty good shit”. Diplo agreed so he sent it to Big Dada and they decided they wanted to sign us.

While you were hustling your tapes and trying to get signed, what would you do to get by? Ah man, I was working like the shittiest jobs ever, working at restaurants. I spent a lot of time getting fired. I’m the worst employee of all time. I don’t have a very good work ethic when it comes down to it. It’s not something I enjoy at all.

I guess you’re in the right career then? That’s right. I just hope I can stay here.

You guys are coming to Australia soon. Have you been here before? No, not at all. I can’t wait. Any expectations, things you’re looking forward to doing? I just want to be in a nice, pretty environment. I want to go to the beach, see a weird animal run by. You got weird animals down there?

Yeah, we’ve got weird animals. What about bugs, you got weird bugs? We’ve got some pretty big-ass spiders. Yeah, I wanna see tarantulas and that kinda shit that make ya go “Ah shit, what the fuck?” But mainly I just want to party.

Spank Rock’s Yoyoyoyoyo is on Big Dada through Inertia.