So I have to ask, how did the name ‘Mailer Daemon’ come about?
In Ancient Greek and Roman mythology a Daemon was a spirit guide. They believed that creativity didn’t come from ones self, but instead it came from a spirit guide. So that’s the traditional sense. And in a modern sense, a ‘Mailer Daemon’ is a computer program that sends back emails that don’t have the right address, an automated system. I really enjoyed the familiarity of the term, because it is familiar, yet mysterious. And that’s how I feel my music is. It’s a great philosophy for the music.

So tell me a bit about “Always On The Grind” is there a certain message you are trying to convey?
With ‘Always On The Grind’ I was looking for something anthemic, and yet broad. So there’s the hustling work motivation angle, then the party angle. It’s a theme that has many angles to work from. I like that it would be used for motivation for work and play.

What originally inspired you to make rap-trap music?
Well I am a producer; I’ve been involved with many different genres of music from alternative rock to indie-electro and dubstep. This is my first official record as an artist, and with ‘Always On The Grind’ I wanted to explore the balance between all these different styles.

What would you say best describes your sound and the uniqueness of your work?
I would describe my sound as alternative hip-hop, where it embodies the spirit of rock and roll with the aesthetic of hip-hop.

Can you tell me a little about what to expect at the launch of your EP?
For the live show we’ve got a psych-rock band doing renditions of the songs on the EP, and you might even see special guest appearances of some of the other artists on the EP. I think people will be very excited to hear the unique blend of alternative psychedelic rock, hip-hop and EDM dance music beats underneath.

Are you planning to do an Aussie tour or perhaps an international tour any time soon?
Definitely. There are more shows in the works, but I am right now finding the balance between DJing, playing as Mailer Daemon live and many other busy avenues in my life collaborating with other artists.

We are a travel based mag so curiosity gets the better of me. What would you say your favourite travel destination is?
Byron Bay. Just because it is a laid back vibe and real chilled out culture there. So if I wanted to chillax and get away from the hustle and bustle I would go to Byron Bay.

What artists inspire you?
When I grew up I was listening to a lot of alternative rock bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and also some electro synth pop bands. When I was a little older I got into the indie-electro in the mid to late 90s. Late 90s I would say I was into the heavy dub bass. Now, I just find the balance between all those different worlds.

What would you say your favourite gig moment has been to date?
My favourite gig moment would have been when some of the crowd came up behind the booth and stage dove from the decks. Pretty cool.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
I feel that as a career I’m built to last, I’ve seen many different trends come and go and I feel that I am very much ahead of the times. In 5 years I would like to be pushing the envelope with styles and sounds. I expect to still be ahead of the times with all trends. I would like to decide the trends.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the whole world who would you choose?
Alive or dead?

If I had to work with someone that was dead I would go Joe Strummer, I really enjoyed The Clash’s pop-ier moments. If I had to work with somebody alive I would choose Joyride, the DJ from Spit Syndicate. He has a lot of soul and I think he is really talented.

What’s next for Mailer Daemon?
My next EP will be dropped in the next few months as a sequel to Gravitas.

Mailer Daemon will be launching Gravitas at a free show in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar on May 9th. His debut EP Gravitas will be available on May 10th.