A lot was made of you guys signing to a major label. Was that warranted?

I’m not sure it was warranted. I think people make a bigger deal out of it than they should, for sure. It was an easy decision for us, if I’m being honest. A lot of people place too much emphasis on what label bands are signed to.

Did you feel liberated by it?

Oh, absolutely. I mean we had some concerns to begin with. We were kind of expecting to have to put up a fight with the label, for freedom and independence but that wasn’t the case. They didn’t meddle in the process of the album at all. They [Atlantic Records] knew we had fans who wouldn’t put up with us becoming a bunch of major label dickheads.

What was the writing process for Pedestrian Verse like?

We made a conscious decision as a band to be more collaborative on this album, it wasn’t just something we fell into. Previously, Scott [lead singer] would write the songs and melodies and bring them to us, the rest of the band. It was difficult at first, we all had to find our feet in the song writing process. It was a far better experience but it took us a while to get going.

Work together on the lyrics too?

No, lyrics were still Scott’s kind of thing. At no point did anybody bring that up. We still want to make Frightened Rabbit records and one of the main things people related to before were the lyrics. To change that would have been a mistake.

What was it like working with Leo Abrahams?

It was great. Because of the way Leo had us recording it we were all in the process from beginning from start to finish, everyone was as important as everyone else. He’s very calming personality, as a person he worked very well with everyone. Subtle too, with the changes he made.

Happy to be coming back to Australia?

Yeah, because for awhile it looked like we might never be cioming back. We couldn’t get back there. Our promoter over there just kept coming back saying ‘you’ve not been there for three years, you don’t have the profile you used to have.’ Then all of a sudden you get a song on the radio and then they’re like ‘Oh, are you available?’ But yeah, we just fucking love coming to Australia.

Keen for Groovin’ the Moo?

We’ve got no idea what to expect, really. All these inland places we’re going to we’ve not really heard of, but that makes it so much more exciting! These are the kind of places we wouldn’t get a chance to play normally. We’re all  of us from the country too, from the Highlands in Scotland, so it’ll be great!

What can Aussie audiences expect from your live show?

Something similar to what they might have seen from us before – but better.

Catch Frightened Rabbit at Groovin’ the Moo Festival (April 27 – May 11) gtm.com.au. They will also be playing headline shows in Sydney at The Hi-Fi, April 30 and in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel on May 7. Pedestrian Verse is out now on Atlantic Records.