They’re about to join the Future Music tour, so we gave singer Kevin (pictured centre left) a call…

Can you believe the success Innerspeaker has had? Ah, it means that when I feel like I’m terrible at music and can’t write a song and am just doing shit, it’s good to have that to look at, to think, “well at least some people in the world think it’s great”. My main thing is if I find out that somebody in the musical world, who I really respect, has said they like our music, then that’s the biggest buzz for me. Or just someone’s that’s been really moved by our music, that’s always the most rewarding thing, rather than the awards or reviews.

You’ve played with some massive bands. Do you get nervous? Oh yeah, I always get starstruck terribly. I just feel as though I’m not as casual as I would. If I’m drunk I’m fine, I’ll talk to them as though I went to school with them. But yeah, it’s crazy meeting people you’ve idolised.

Do you hang out with other bands much on touring festivals like Future? Yeah sure, totally. I mean, we’re not one of the big party bands. There are some bands that you see disappear into the toilets together to rack up lines. We’re not one of them, we’re quite modest with our drug habits, ha. There’s definitely some good genuine hanging out between bands backstage. That’s one of the best things about festivals. Meeting new artists.

Anyone you’d like to play with? I think most of our wishlist has been answered. But touring with someone can sometimes kill your fascination and intrigue. Everyone that you idolise and think is a mysterious being, they always turn out to be just some guy you know, who is human and who has problems on stage. There’s no-one that’s an actual wizard. I don’t really aspire to tour with bands that I love so much because it can sometimes ruin it for you. But at the same time it can make you appreciate what they do more than you ever thought.

What one song do you wish you wrote? Agh, good question. I don’t know, if there’s a song I love so much, I probably wouldn’t like it as much if I’d written it. I guess maybe “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by the Beatles. That song is probably my favourite song ever.

Can you listen to your own music? If I’m on my own I can listen to it for hours, but as soon as there’s anyone else around I’m really self-conscious. If I’m on my own I can hear all the good bits and all the intended movements and stuff, but as soon as I’m with someone else I start hearing all the flaws and mistakes and out of time rhythms. Generally day-to-day I only listen to the music I’m working on. Once it’s recorded I move on and very rarely go back to it.

What should people do in Perth? Just go to the beach. Don’t bother with anything else, maybe swan around Fremantle and you’ll have a good time. Oh, and go to Rottnest Island, it’s a small island about 20 minutes ferry from Perth and it’s pretty much paradise on Earth.

Superpower you wish you had? It would be to slow down time. Ah man, I’m sure I can be more creative…

Who’s your celebrity lookalike? Man, we had this review a while ago, it was a great review, but then right at the end they said I was an Andre Agassi lookalike. I don’t really know what he looks like, I should probably google him. I know he once had long hair.

What’s your poison? I guess that would be Tequila Sunrise, although I kind of overdid it. Now it just reminds me of touring. I loved it so much that I would have it as often as I could. So on our rider we’d always have tequila, orange juice and grenadine, so as soon as we got to the gig I’d start making Tequila Sunrises. Now if I have one it just reminds me of sitting in a dressing room, so I might have to find a new one!

Tame Impala join the likes of the Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal and Mark Ronson at Future Music Festival, which hits Brisbane (Mar 5), Perth (Mar 6), Sydney (Mar 12), Melbourne (Mar 13) and Adelaide (Mar 14).[]