Hey Ben, what are you up to today? Just a bit of practice in the rehearsal room and grabbing a sandwich for some lunch.

So, the European Tour that you guys just got done with, how was it? It was great, we had a ball! We’ve been there once before, but haven’t been back for 5 years. We’ve toured Australia a lot so we’re familiar with the surroundings. It’s exciting to go to a city you’ve never seen before; as well as selling music to people away from where you’ve lived.

How do you cope with travelling all the time? One thing I find that makes travelling more comfortable is staying in the same place every time. In the city, we find a nice hotel that’s close to restaurants and shopping. Also, not partying necessarily as hard as when I was younger helps. Haha, I find that definitely will make your time away from home more enjoyable. There’s a place where we have breakfast and we’ve known the guys for 7 years. Its nice and makes it feel like a home away from home.

Tell me about your homecoming tour? We’re playing in venues that we didn’t play before, more pubs and clubs, which is great because I can hear more of Sydney. Our concert sold out in Sydney, which is excellent because it’s a bit of a milestone for us. It’s the biggest show we’ve ever sold out on our own.

So when you come back to Australia, do you think you’ll have time to do some activities, like skydiving? Haha, yea, why not! We come in November so we’ll be staying with friends for Christmas to hang out and have a look around.

I know that you guys are from Brisbane, but were you born and raised in Brisbane? Yea, born and bred in Brisbane. We’re all from Queensland. We ended up meeting each other in Brisbane actually. The guitarists went to high school together and were kind of looking for people to play and we met Clint and he joined the band. There was a bit of luck involved. So what’s it like being in the back of the band while playing on stage? Have you ever wanted to be in the front of the band while playing? Not really, it never interested me. I would be at a loss for words if I was in the front with anywhere from 20 people to a thousand. I’m pretty happy with my situation and my position on the stage.

My younger sister and dad and percussionists too and say it’s better to be in the back since you can hear the band better. Yea, I just shut my eyes so I can listen to the bass and guitar. I make sure that my snares’ are on the right spots. Sometimes you even forget that you’re playing in front of people, they’re the best shows, when you walk offstage after a really good rehearsal.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start their own bands? What it comes down to are good songs. A band which has good songs does fairly well. You can’t be in a massive band if you don’t have something that people will want to hear; a dance song, a rock song, a country song, or whatever. Young people need to listen to the tunes that they’re riding. Its something I never really thought about when I was younger though. I used to make my mom and dad listen to some music that they never would have liked. That was probably quite shit, but they sort of liked it, which I think is really quite funny.

Well that’s all the questions I have for you. Thanks for your time. No problem! Thank you and have a good evening.

The Butterfly Effect will kick off its homecoming tour in Toowoomba on 8 July at The Power House and will end up in Darwin on 7 August. Shows at Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are sold out so visit thebutterflyeffect.oztix.com.au or ticketek.com.au