So, are you a Melbourne girl?
I’m actually from Warrnambool. It’s on the end of the Great Ocean Road, a little surf town. It was a beautiful place to grow up. I used to be into surfing, not that I was great at it, but I used to attempt it.

What do you think you would have done if you didn’t persist with music?
When I was younger I wanted to do all sorts of things, a fashion designer was one for a little bit, and when I was about eight years old I used to say I wanted to be a computer programmer, ha, because I knew they made lots of money. Then I realised computers were pretty hard!

Do you create those eye-popping outfits yourself?
Yeah I make a lot of it myself, I buy little things here and there, then I’ll think that needs a sequin or a shoulder pad. I’m not an expert sewer, but I do what I can. It’s definitely a huge part of the performance for me. I’d feel weird going on stage in jeans. Every Monday I think, “what am I gonna wear?”

So when you go back to your small town home, do you tone it down?
Ha, when I go to the supermarket I like to wear a sequin body suit! I love yoga so I can be very herbal when I’m at home. I can’t say I’m like Lady Gaga. It’s definitely a balance for me for sure.

What makes your performances so head turning?
I think it’s the energy, I can’t stand still onstage. As soon as I hear music, my shoulder or my foot start moving. Then when I’m on stage it just becomes a whole other level. I feel like theres a wild animal inside me. It’s released once I walk onto the stage. Obviously I really feed off the crowd, if the crowd’s going crazy I’ll go even more crazy. I love climbing things, if there’s scaffolding or something, I’ll be up there.

Have you had any party-goers do anything particularly crazy at your gigs?
I did have a girl flash me her boobs recently. I felt like one of the 80s rock stars when the girls throw their knickers on stage! I was singing “Never Say Never” which has the line, “I might like you better if we slept together”. I had said at the start, “does anyone feel like getting sexy now?” I figured, yeah, this girl is definitely keen.

You’re married to Vandalism DJ Andy Van. How does that effect touring?
It’s fantastic, it would be really hard if we were separated all the time. You hear of so many people who are divorced or in the midst of separations or whatever because they don’t get to see each other. Life’s just fantastic because we get to see the world together. Plus Andy used to be in Madison Avenue and I danced for Madison Avenue, so we were touring the world together from the start, we’ve never really known anything different.

Which frontwomen inspired you?
Annie Lennox was a big one. I loved her. I love Freddie Mercury, I know
he’s not a woman. He’s a big one for me as well. More recently I love Peaches.

Do you enjoy playing Aussie gigs after being away so long?
Yeah, absolutely. Australia is amazing. We love being on our home turf.

What do you do to get pumped up for your shows?
Sometimes I listen to Guns N’ Roses, ha! “Sweet Child O’ Mine” definitely gets me going.

Vandalism play Devonport (Nov 27), Adelaide (Dec 4), Townsville (Dec 11), Gold Coast (Dec 17), Brisbane (Dec 18) and Adelaide (NYE). Check out