How much of your sound is the result of worldly influences and where do you think a more native, Australian sound comes in? Is there one?

We have been living away from Australia for 10 years now and we have been touring for 5 of those years so we probably pick up a lot of influences from all over the world. We still feel Australian at heart though.

Do you take pride in flying the flag for Australia when you tour the world? To what degree do you see dance as a world movement?

We can see from our travels that dance music really has no borders. Its language is universal. You just have to go to a festival in Europe to see how many different flags there are in the crowd. It’s a beautiful thing.

Entering the UK scene from abroad, what place did European super-clubs such as Ministry of Sound occupy on your radar?

We grew up listening to Ministry of Sound club tracks and their compilations so to play their club in London was/is a dream come true and a true “we made it” moment. It is still to this day one of the best clubs in London that goes all through the night. 

What about playing to a London crowd excites – and/or daunts – you the most? How connected with the city are you?

English crowds in general are a lot of fun, they’re nutterz innit. 

What do you miss the most when away from home and what do you love the most since first travelling?

Which home? We miss our family in Australia, we miss our friends in London, we miss the clean and healthy eating in LA and we miss the laid back vibes of Ibiza. We have so many homes these days.

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