Car insurance is required in the UK, even for people just visiting. However, there is specialized insurance for those spending a limited amount of time in Britain. This is the case for most countries and is by no means a unique practice. Visitors to the country are able to get by with temporary third party car insurance just fine, but it’s not the cheapest option unfortunately. Not to worry, there are a couple options that you have when it comes to car insurance as a visitor to the UK.

Car Insurance in The UK

Much like US car insurance coverage, UK car insurance is for the car and not the driver as it is required for all registered vehicles using the roads. You will still need to specify who the policy is for, and can even add additional drivers. Meanwhile, other cars will need their own policies similar to those in the US. When it comes to car insurance, there are three main types in the UK:

  • Third party liability – This is basic car insurance in the UK and often the minimum requirement for all drivers and includes all the necessary liability coverage like bodily injury and property damage done to other drivers.
  • Third party, fire, and theft – This expands on standard third party liability insurance with the addition of theft and fire damage protection. Storm and weather related damages may also be covered with this insurance.
  • Full comprehensive – This level of coverage is the most extensive because it also covers damages that occur when the car isn’t in use or parked. Some instances of comprehensive car insurance even enable the driver to use other cars while enjoying all the protection it offers.

Car Insurance Cost in The UK

Car insurance pricing in the UK is similar to the US wherein the insurers consider all factors that would suggest a risky policyholder. These include such things as the driver’s age, the vehicle itself, and driving history along with the primary use of the car. The average cost of car insurance in the UK is around £431 annually which is actually one of the highest rates in Europe. Car insurance costs can be lowered by having safety features, paying the amount upfront, and being a safe driver above all.

The Best UK Car Insurance For Visitors

As previously mentioned, temporary car insurance is an expensive coverage option. As a visitor, that implies that there is a time when you will leave, so you don’t want to be stuck with car insurance you aren’t using. The good news is that rental car companies often include at least the minimum amount of car insurance for international travelers. Drivers license from other countries are often valid in the UK so that just leaves the manner of registration and car insurance. Rental car companies are the best to go to because they handle both of these.