When the weather’s nice, throwing a garden party is the best way to enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for an excuse to have fun with your favourite people, you’ll want to throw an amazing party that’ll keep everyone entertained. But what kind of entertainment can you have in your garden? Here are some of the best ideas.


For a garden party that extends well into the evening, a fireworks display is the perfect way to wow your guests. As long as your garden is large enough, you’ll be able to light your firework rockets at a safe distance from all of your guests, ensuring that no accidents occur and everyone has a great time. Once the display is over, you can also hand out some sparklers to let your guests experience the magic themselves. All you need to do is keep some buckets of water in your garden so people can dispose of their sparklers safely.

Hire a band

Another entertainment option is to hire a band for your garden party. No party is complete without some music, especially if your guests feel like dancing the night away. If you want to hire a band for your garden party, then you can easily find local bands performing a wide range of music, including rock, folk, jazz, or even classical for more formal events.

Garden games

You can’t go wrong with some classic garden games. These include hoopla, skittles, croquet and swingball, or you can even play things like giant Jenga and Twister. Outdoor games are a great way to keep children entertained, but even if there aren’t going to be any children at your party, these games are still great fun for all ages.

Bouncy castle

If there will be children attending your garden party, then figuring out how to keep them entertained is an important part of your party planning process. Otherwise, you could end up with bored, hyperactive kids who start causing trouble! A great idea for keeping them entertained is to get a bouncy castle for the party. This will keep them happy for hours and tire them out too, preventing them from running around the rest of the garden.

Cocktail bar

For the adults, a cocktail bar would be a fantastic addition to the party. If you’re lucky enough to have a bar area in your garden then this is obviously ideal, but if you don’t, you can easily set up a table and stock it with your favourite drinks and cocktail-making equipment. A few ice-cold cocktails are perfect on a warm day, and you’ll certainly be keeping your guests happy. Make sure you learn a few recipes for popular cocktails before the party, and then you can make each guest’s favourite cocktail when they arrive.

Are you struggling to think of how to entertain your guests at your garden party? If so, try out the ideas listed above to make it a truly memorable occasion.