If you love architecture, art, good beer, good food, romantic walks at night and castles then why not visit the cities of Eastern Europe? These cities have a lot of fascinating history and a lot of heart. If you live in the UK and need travel insurance, don’t forget to get your EHIC card at EHICUK and don’t wait to hop on a flight and take a weekend away to one of these wonderful cities.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest in the last few years has become one of the top destinations for a European getaway and it has everything you could ask for in a luxury city break. You can wander around for a day exploring the history of the city, (although it might take more than a day to see it all), visit the museums and galleries, take a soak in the incredible hot springs, or simple take a gentle walk and stop at a bar for the best fruity, alcoholic drink you have ever tasted: pálinka (fruit brandy). Most of all, this is a great value getaway. It can suit a lot of people’s price range and, while you might not find sunny beaches and palm trees in Budapest, it’s a beautiful city to explore and discover.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This beautiful city, filled with beautiful baroque and medieval architecture, is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. In certain corners of this city it can feel like something out of a fairy tale, especially if you decide to climb the castle on top of the hill. Around the city there are some excellent galleries and museums to explore as well as a great central market where you can taste delicious fresh food and generally take a pleasant ramble around all of the different stalls. Ljubljana is well known as being a bit of a student city, so you will find lots of hipster bars, cafes and music venues to hop around when the sun goes down. Then, of course you should take the time to wander by the river and just bask in the atmosphere.

Prague, Czech Republic

Many people would call Prague the Paris of Eastern Europe. It’s romantic, it’s laid back, it’s beautiful and it’s full of secrets for savvy city explorers to discover. Hidden around the cobbled streets of Prague are gardens, tucked away cafes, sculptures, and places where the sun catches the buildings just right. Around nearly every corner you’ll find a chapel, a bridge or a towering cathedral, which is why most people prefer to walk rather than miss any of Prague’s hidden treasures. Old town in particular is a great area to explore for a day if you’re interested in classic architecture and don’t forget to visit the famous Astronomical Clock while you’re there. If you’re interested in modern architecture, on the other hand, find the Dancing House – a fascinating piece of architecture also known as ‘Fred and Ginger’. Then, to end your trip, take a walk over Charles Bridge. This bridge can be especially beautiful in the winter.