London is packed with places to see and things to do, and many of us will be setting off to London this summer. However, before you pack the family and all your suitcases into your car, pause a moment and consider the state of your car. Do you have it regularly serviced? And if not, you should certainly consider having it done before any long trip and think really about having regular servicing. Local experts explain why servicing should be a normal part of your car ownership routine, rather than something special and occasional, like your trip to London.

Maintains the Value of Your Car

Having a regular service noted in your vehicle’s logbook is your proof of careful ownership in the event that you want to sell the car as a ‘good’ second-hand vehicle. Canny purchasers will take note of, not only the apparent condition of the car, but also your paperwork – records of services done over your time as an owner. A well-maintained, authentic, logbook can help you get the price you require for your used car – a nice deposit towards your next new car. Start your record of looking after your vehicle by booking car servicing in London from DAT Tyres.

Maintains the Condition of Your Car

Never allowing your vehicle to fall into disrepair is an excellent way to both save time and money in the long run, as well as giving you a reliable car for the time that you own the vehicle. Regular servicing keeps your car in good condition at all times, saving you the cost and inconvenience of major break-downs – a win-win!

Picks Up Small Faults Quickly

Regular servicing has another benefit as well as ensuring the smooth running of your car over a long period of time: that of picking up small problems and issues and fixing them before they have time to turn into major problems. This benefit cannot be accurately measured as it is impossible to pin down what accidents might have happened and what it could have cost when it has been prevented.

Keeps You Legally Compliant 

You will almost certainly be aware of the MOT test, which must be taken by cars on the third anniversary of their registration date and is a roadworthiness test. However, the MOT is not a lofty peak to aspire to – it is a condition that your car should always maintain, and if you should be discovered to have a major or dangerous fault in your vehicle that has arisen since your last MOT certificate, you will be penalised for it. To rephrase this, your vehicle is expected – as a minimum – to be roadworthy at all times and capable of passing the MOT without any warning. Regular servicing can help with this, correcting any minor faults and making sure that major ones don’t have a chance to develop.

Ensures Your Safety On the Road 

And, of course, the upside of all this care and attention means that you are safer on the roads – and not only you, but your passengers, other road users and even pedestrians are all safer too. Regular servicing might seem like something of a chore, but it can, very genuinely, save lives – including your own.

When you have the peace of mind of knowing that your car is in great shape, you can pack the family inside and set off to explore London and the environs, such as the quaint village of Rye, or further afield into Essex and Sussex, or west for a glimpse of Cotswold stone and the enigmatic stones of Stonehenge.