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Animated series have gained such wild traction that it’s difficult to stumble across someone who can’t name one single cartoon they know a thing or two about. However, despite widespread popularity, some individuals possess only basic knowledge of cartoons, whereas other dedicated enthusiasts’ knowledge in this realm is unrivaled. As such, coming up with the ideal gift for a receiver belonging to the latter category can be an adrenaline-filled journey, given the extensive selection of items based on popular animated series.

Whether your giftee is a fan of The Simpsons or Naruto, there’s something specifically made for any animated series buff out there. Let’s explore five of the widely preferred choices if there’s a special occasion coming up and you want to amaze the cartoon enthusiast while showing you’ve put a lot of thought into the selection process.


Pokémon, the now-iconic animated series that debuted in 1996 and quickly gained popularity in North America, can certainly make a memorable present for an animated series addict. The long-standing series not only gained popularity throughout nations in an unexpectedly short period, but it also expanded to a very broad age group, including adults. Despite a common and erroneous belief that it may appeal more to the younger category, the cartoons are suitable for any age, and the plot is differently understood when watching them at a fragile age compared to an older one. Furthermore, the franchise achieved unparalleled success when it launched the Pokémon Go game, reaching almost 80 million players.

Suppose the recipient is at an early developmental stage. In that case, they will likely be excited to receive items such as a vinyl figure, school bag, wallet, or even an advent calendar related to Pokémon. On the flip side, if your recipient belongs to the X generation, a similar gift could evoke feelings of nostalgia, transporting them back to a time when Pokémon dominated discussions among animated series enthusiasts. Success is guaranteed with one of the vast offerings from the Pokémon collection, all of which are suitable for individuals of any age or gender and vary in terms of price or functionality.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons isn’t just an all-time favorite that doesn’t seem to get outdated; it’s also one of the best-animated series ever. More than 1.95 million viewers tuned in to the 33rd season of this cartoon, with the figure only expected to rise throughout the year as time passes and interest in the show persists. Furthermore, it has set a date for the release of the 34th season for the middle of October, which is bound to reignite the excitement for many dedicated fans of the series who may have temporarily shifted their attention to other cartoons during the hiatus in sitcom production.

If there’s a word that best describes this cartoon, it’s “timeless”. Depending on what specific item you’re looking into, you can discover an overwhelming variety of choices when focusing on this long-running comedy series. For what it’s worth, you can turn to figures replicating characters such as Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, or Lisa Simpson.


Manga and anime have become essential elements of pop culture these years, and the appreciation among cartoon consumers has only been growing by leaps and bounds. The unique plots and visual elements have caught attention around the world, so even if your recipient’s soft spot is anime, they’ll probably not find a gift associated with one of the all-time favorites in this sector – Naruto. This manga is estimated to have registered more than 750 views to date, spanning countries ranging from European and North American ones to Asian ones.

Whether it’s a Naruto-enamored younger sibling, a grown-up fan, or an anime connoisseur you want to surprise, you’ll likely not go wrong with items they can keep for the long term. Examples include but aren’t limited to customized T-shirts or coffee mugs, as well as figures and portraits. It all depends on your recipient’s hobbies and whether they’re into collecting any specific items.

Rick and Morty

Another animated series that took the world by storm is the science fiction comedy sitcom, Rick and Morty. The clever, intricate plot writing elevated the project to a level of fame rarely achieved within the realm of adult science fiction comedy series. Fashion and apparel brands have been quick on the uptake and leveraged the booming trend Rick and Morty enjoyed, designing all sorts of pieces of clothing and accessories for the fans, and not only.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be time- or budget-straining to find an ideal gift for an ardent fan of this SF series. You should only know their size and style preference if you delve into this sector and look to get them clothing items. Pay heed, though, as just because someone is smitten with a show doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily flaunt their passion on the street by wearing a related garment. You must be familiar with the wearer’s sense of style and the extent to which they would go to reveal their fandoms to the public.

Family Guy

Family Guy easily ranks among the funniest, most breathtaking comedy sitcoms one can ever come across. From its non-sequiturs and irreverent humor to its mind-bending plot twists and clever fusion of fantasy and slapstick elements, it’s pretty challenging to come across another comedy series that attains such a remarkable level of wit and humor. The project has gained such fame that it has witnessed crossovers with other sitcoms like The Simpsons. This means that even if you can’t decide whether your giftee is more into one or the other, a Family Guy-related present stands plenty of chances to take their breath away and align with the best gifts ever received by them.

Some examples of gifts for the cromulent fan of Family Guy include rare collectibles, figurines, plushies, board games, and the list can continue.


So, how well do you know your giftee, and how do you think they’d react to receiving a gift related to the five top-rated animated series mentioned above?