There was a relatively brief period of time when air travel was the most glamorous and fashionable activity out there. Pilots and flight attendants were treated like superstars, and only the very elite could hope to travel by air regularly. The question is, will we ever see flight in that exclusive way again?

Current opinions on air travel

Since the dawn of budget flights in the 1970s, companies have become relentless in the pursuit of cost-cutting, and flying has become far more of a routine experience without many of the old frills. In many short-distance flights, passengers only get the seat they’re sitting in.

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However, there is still some draw to aviation, and the theme is still showing up in areas as wide-ranging as art and casinos. For the former, the golden age of flight features heavily in throwback 20s and 30s art and design, particularly for those artists who love the Art Deco style. For the latter, the theme of flying is a popular fixture among those partaking in iGaming. For instance, online casinos enable players to bet on the Aviator slot game, which depicts an aircraft climbing up and increasing in value the higher it gets. Such fare has likely contributed to keeping flying on the radar for entertainment enthusiasts.

The popular alternatives

Another reason for the decline in flight has been the rise in almost everything else. Of course, some journeys can only reasonably be achieved by air, but as transport networks have improved, shorter trips now have competition. For example, travelling across Europe by train may take longer, but there are also fewer restrictions in terms of security, and the journey is more enjoyable when it comes to scenery and freedom during travel.

It should be noted, though, that no other transport option, regardless of trends, has reached the same height that aviation used to have. Public transport of any kind still has a utilitarian feel to it, even in first-class versions, and having a personal luxury car may prove to be a different experience entirely.

The future of flight

In reality, bringing back the original glamour of flying is an impossible task, simply because the world has moved on. There is a new frontier, however, that may well end up being a similar experience. Commercial space travel is an industry that is just starting out, and while big-name companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have had more than a few stumbling blocks so far, there’s no doubt that space tourism is coming.

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There’s no expectation that space journeys are going to be widely available for at least a few decades, although the world’s elite is already booking seats. There’s no telling how long a ‘golden age of spaceflight’ could last either; there are far fewer limits to the number of destinations in space, and the list could very well be regularly growing.

The short version is, that falling in love with regular flight is likely over for good. However, for those with open minds on what counts as flying, there are bound to be new horizons and destinations to reach sooner than they think!