It is famous the world over and, as revealed by a new study, still is Brits’ number one pick when it comes to the first meal of the day – yet it seems the clock is well and truly ticking for the full English breakfast as we know it.

Nearly four in 10 people (37%) polled by online booking firm said their favourite breakfast treat remained the iconic fry-up, well ahead of other options including porridge (21%), sarnies/toasts (16%), cereals (13%), fruits (8%) and pastries (5%).

However, when asked whether they would change anything to the make-up of a traditional full English, an overwhelming majority – 64% – of people answered positively.

It seems that bacon, sausages, eggs and beans are seen as untouchable staples with only 11% of survey respondents opting to swap any of these items. But the same can’t be said for the other classic ingredients.

Avocadoes have seen their popularity shoot through the roof of late and 58% of people would pick them over tomatoes, while a closely similar percentage (56%) would wave goodbye to mushrooms in favour of asparagus. 

Sweet potatoes are in, while hash browns are out for a staggering 71% of those interviewed by

Black pudding, despite being recently recognised as a superfood, is also being sent packing – smoked salmon the most fancied replacement for 53% of Brits.

Finally, bread is very much toast – 61% of people who took part in the study said they would not have it in their new full English.