We know what it’s like, you leave it all to the last minute, then dash out and buy any old tat in a blind panic! We’re here to save you from all that and take the pain out of shopping for your friends and family this year. Sit back, relax and let us sort Christmas out for you.

%TNT Magazine% edit hat

Do your bit for the homeless with these great hats from Edit Hats.

Every hat sold another is donated to the homeless in Central London. They’re available online and also are for sale in RUSSELL BRAND’s Trew Era Cafe in Hoxton. Prices range from £14 – £22.


It’s going to be a boozy Christmas!

Gin is possibly the most popular tipple at the moment, and there’s no end of new varieties hitting the stores. It’s surely going to be a hit with many this Christmas so we thought we would showcase some you may not be aware of!

%TNT Magazine% Global bottles. big

Lemongrass and kaffir lime gin from twisting spirits is a real delight. We found it best served with a slice of ginger. They also offer two other interesting infusions, with Earl Grey and Douglas fir distilled gins. Buy them directfrom  http://www.twistingspirits.co.uk/

%TNT Magazine% elephant gin

Elephant Gin is another one off the mainstream radar which is worthy of a mention. It’s won many awards around the world. It’s got a selection of unique African botanicals and is also giving back with 15% of profits going into two elephant foundations in Africa. To date, they have raised over €260,000 helping to prevent poaching and build an education centre. It’s also very tasty, so what’s not to like about that! http://www.elephant-gin.com/

%TNT Magazine% penguin toy

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Pucker up! This little fella is sure to please… Sex toys don’t get much cuter than this, but I’ll let your imagination or internet investigations work out it’s proper application! Let’s just say it will be sure to be a real pleaser and put a smile on any lady’s face (perhaps not your Mum’s though, you sicko!). Plus you get the pleasure of watching them unwrap something very inappropriate in front of the whole family and try to work out what it is! So what’s not to love about this one!

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is available with a RRP £40 here: https://www.satisfyer.com/de/en/satisfyer/rechargeable/3/satisfyer-pro-penguin-new-generation

%TNT Magazine% gutterhead game 1

Gutterhead Game

Whilst your head is still in the gutter from our last gift suggestion, we should mention this fab game which is sure to add a dollop of filth into your Christmas get-togethers. Think cards against humanity meets Pictionary with a splurge of smut on top.

Perhaps not entirely suitable for family shindigs (unless you’re a weird family who likes to sit around drawing spunky cocks and other obscenities) but a great game for dinner parties with good mates who won’t judge you for your filthy mind!


%TNT Magazine% Honi

Maui Jim glasses

For those who deserve the best! Maui Jim glasses have some of the best optics on the market and come in a range of shape and sizes. Their sunglasses offer unmatched protection for your eyes with up to nine layers of polarisation in a variety of sports, fashion, and classic frame designs. What’s more, they’re the only premium sunglasses brand with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval.

You know they’re worth it!


%TNT Magazine% lonely planet books

Travel books provide some great inspiration for trips away and these two from Lonely Planet are no exception. Exploring the world through a love for Beer will suit pretty much any bloke on the planet –

Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour –  Explore the vibrant world of craft beer with Lonely Planet’s ale experts. We’ve selected the finest tap rooms, bars and breweries that thirsty travellers can visit in 30 countries around the world. Discover where they are, which beers to sample, and learn about local places of interest to create complete itineraries. Each country is introduced by a beer expert and includes notes on regional beverages that shouldn’t be missed.


Secret Marvels of the World This packed and fascinating title takes its readers on a journey through the world’s lesser known marvels. Dive into an underworld of the planet’s most surprising, fun, perplexing, kitsch and downright bizarre sights – and explore human stories and mysterious happenings that you won’t find inside a regular guidebook.

From eerie natural wonders to historical oddities and bizarre architecture, this is a travel companion for the incurably curious.


%TNT Magazine% Shot 3 0098

The Hornit

For the cyclist! “Get the F**k out of my way” Is pretty much what this next gift says. It’s the loudest bicycle horn in the world at 140 decibels. Fear no more that you won’t be heard on the streets with this great horn for your bike. https://www.thehornit.com/the-hornit-db140/the-hornit-db140.html

%TNT Magazine% bikeballs night 03

Got Balls? But have you got Bike Balls?

Bike balls are a great way to stay safe and also show you have a massive set of cahoonas!


%TNT Magazine% Nanopresso

Coffee to go! Wacaco Nanopresso

This great little device makes the perfect expresso when you’re out and about. Avoid the nasty hotel room coffee, or take a flask of water with you on a hike and enjoy a fresh brew on the trails. Its hand pump powered so needs no charging or plugging in. It pumps to 18 bar of pressure which is equivalent to a commercial machine ensuring a great cup of coffee where ever you may be.


%TNT Magazine% Hesh3

Music to my ears! Skull Candy Hesh 3

This is the companies best selling headphone and it’s not hard to see why. With all day bluetooth battery life and a rapid charge feature to keep you going when you’re away from home. These are the best way to block out the city sounds as you travel.


%TNT Magazine% hearO living

HearO Ball Bluetooth speaker

Keeping with a musical theme, here’s a Bluetooth speaker with a twist! This is literally a Bluetooth speaker which is housed in a championship match tennis ball. Take a bit of tennis sporting history with you and have a great portable speaker too.


%TNT Magazine% travo safe2

GP TRAV O SAFE – Travel power bank

Airlines are getting increasingly strict about travelling with battery packs when flying. Fully complied with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage. This product aims to prevent any situations at check-in or security where you lose your power bank along with your bottle of £3 water you just bought at the airport! This device is packed full of safety features and also boasts 3800mAh of power to keep you going when on the move.


%TNT Magazine% sodastream

Retro revival with SodaStream Fizzi

If you’re old like me, you’ll remember the soda stream the first time around, as it was an iconic feature in many homes in the 80’s Even if it doesn’t hold childhood memories for you this is a great addition to your kitchen. The SodaStream is a fizzy drink machine which carbonates still water. It’s great for just making sparkling water or can be used to make all sorts of concoctions and even cocktails.


%TNT Magazine% Sip in Style London Sock Co. Gift Set2c £65

Get your socks off, get your socks off honey.

It’s compulsory that someone gets socks for Christmas and if you’re going to do it, best to do it properly! The London Sock Company have some fabulous sock gift packs on offer this year. Including some collaborations with Sipsmith Gins! Check out their great Christmas gift options here –