The five dogs including a mongrel, two giant Bordeaux French mastiffs and two bulldogs are believed to have pounced on the older lady when she went next door on Tuesday night to feed them, for her daughter.

The neighbours heard Knowles whaling when she was being attacked, they explained that they heard ‘hysterical screaming and barking’ from the Morden-based garden.

Knowles owned a family business, a South London pie and mash shop in Tooting, she lived right next door to her daughter Beverley Mason, her husband Dylan and their three children.

Knowles had a heart attack as the animals turned on her. The dogs have been removed from the semi-detached house since.

Neighbour Nazir Hussein said to the Daily Mail: “There were so many dogs something like this was bound to happen.”

Another resident, Kevin Hamilton, agreed: “If one jumped on you it would certainly knock you over.” He explained that Knowles was a “fit old bird”

“We were called at 6.12pm to [a house] in Morden,” said an Ambulance Service representative, “to a patient in cardiac arrest. Sadly, the patient was dead at the scene.”

Picture: Getty