UGears mechanical models are self-assembly wooden models that could be used as modular moving toys and puzzles. Ugears wooden models that are unique 3D jigsaw wooden puzzles will delight everyone regardless of age and tastes.

UGears wooden model kits for adults will introduce you to the world of real-life tiny mechanics. In the process of assembling motion models, you will improve your memory and logical thinking, sharpen your attention and concentration skills and, of course, understand the principles of mechanics. Whatever your preferences in art, literature, films and computer games, here among UGears 3d puzzles you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

  • Mechanical Aquarium
  • V-Express Steam Train with Tender
  • Carousel
  • Hurdy Gurdy
  • The Dream Cabriolet VM-05
  • Horse Mechanoid
  • Mechanical Treasure Box
  • Butterfly
  • and many other models are waiting for you!

Just have a look at this fabulous and lively dragon wooden! This Windstorm Dragon was inspired by The Soul of Hunter video game. This ancient reptile has spectacular powerful wings, rubber-band motor, marvelous scales, formidable paws and a spiky tail. The movements of the wings will thrill you and will carry you away into colorful fantasies.

Ugears Dragon wooden model

Start assembling this toy, and you will receive the Power of the Dragon, its abilities, the Heart of the Dragon. It will be your devoted friend and amulet that will vigilantly guard you day and night. It could fly if you hang it on a string or guard any place you’ll put it on a special support.

These mechanical puzzles are real motion wooden mechanic toys that are made of high quality natural wood. We guarantee that these 3D wooden puzzles for adults will last for years to come. And even if some part of your model gets broken or lost, you will receive the identical item at our expense. Come see our unimaginable wooden world of 3d puzzles for adults, and you will find here a lot of fairy friends, unthinkable creatures and amazingly accurate vehicles!