Expect samurai swords and sledgehammers and plenty of risqué moments!

TNT finds out a bit more…

Please introduce yourselves and tell us the story about how you two met

My name is Peter Heaven and I’ve been a magical entertainer for over thirty-five years. My assistant is Bambi Heaven, but she’s much more than that to me, she’s pretty much the love of my life. We met at a Landmark forum event, which is a great Personal Development course on the Gold Coast and the moment we met its been nothing but home runs and fireworks ever since.

What is your show about?

 This show is about love and magic. We like to keep things real simple, this is what we do; we get up, chuck on a costume, back comb and then we walk on stage and rip the roof off ever single night, and that’s a fact.

What are some of the biggest difficulties you face as a duo both on and off stage?

Wow, that’s a full-on question. Look, working with your partner can be tough, we spend every waking moment together, from lights on to lights out and that can be stressful, but that’s what a ‘real’ relationship is about. It’s about getting up, going to rehearsal together, then going to work and going home together, every single night. Some people would say that’s ‘mental’ but what is mental? Your normal might be my mental and my mental might be mental, what is mental what is life, what is humanity? To be honest I really want this one to work, my last assistant, Sheree was burned really badly doing the Devils Cage in Brisbane and now we don’t talk any more, because she can’t.

What do you think sets your act apart from other comedy duos?

It’s the professionalism and skill set at our disposal, we are the triple threat of entertainment; magic, dance and comedy. There is literally no-one doing anything like what we are doing, if you don’t come out of our show high on life you’re dead inside.

Where do each of you hope to be in five years?  

Firstly, its not where we ‘hope’ to be, its where we’ll be. Hoping is defeatist, we do a lot of visualisation and self-actualisation and we know where we’ll be, also Bambi has psychotic powers and she can see forwards and backwards. In five years we’ll be in Las Vegas headlining one of the biggest shows on the strip, and you can quote me on that.

Peter and Bambi Heaven will be at Soho Theatre on 15th & 16th December.

Tickets are available still for Saturday night – book here: sohotheatre.com/event/peter-andamp-bambi-heaven-when-love-becomes-magic