They Are Made By HP

HP manufacture OfficeJet printers and have been making them for many years. This means that you would be getting an exceptional printer, made by one of the leading tech giants. HP printers are renowned for their longevity and quality as well as being easy to look after and maintain. With a HP printer, you are sure to enjoy getting your printing sorted.

They Offer All-in-One Capabilities

All OfficeJets are all-in-one printers which means that they offer more than just the ability to print. You can scan, copy, print photos and even send faxes with these machines. Plus, with the most recent models you can make use of Air Print and Wi-Fi to make your printing easier than ever before!

They Can Use Replacement Ink

We all know that cartridges for HP printers can be on the expensive side and this does occasionally put potential buyers off. However, if you are savvy then you get your ink for HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 (or similar) from an ink specialist instead!

Companies like Smart Ink came to be when consumers wanted to access cheaper ink without losing quality. The result is ink that costs up to 75% less than genuine ink and offers the same, if not better, quality results. With these companies on hand, you can make the most out of your printer and save a decent amount of cash.

They Are Great for Home or Work

Whether you need a printer for home or work, an OfficeJet is a great choice. Many small businesses need to be able to rely on consistently good printing of large quantities of documents – the OfficeJet will do this without complaint every single time. Plus, because it can be accessed via wifi, your entire team can use it from their computers and laptops with ease.

If you do a lot of printing from home then the OfficeJet is great there too. From supporting university students with scanning and copying to helping your kids print off their latest designs and homework – everyone will want to use it. Because it offers such high quality results, you will be able to print off all your documents and household management info too – keeping everything in good order at all times!

Buy Yours Today!

When it comes to getting a premium printer, HP OfficeJets are a great choice! Made from high quality parts, easy to maintain and able to use replacement HP ink rather than genuine, you are onto a winner! Rather than opting for a cheaper model, save yourself time and money by choosing an OfficeJet and enjoy it for many years to come.