There’s a world of opportunity out there. You’ve probably heard that saying before but, if you haven’t, it simply means that the world doesn’t start and end wherever you were born. As long as you’re suitably motivated, skilled and financially capable (with or without help), you can explore the world and all of its opportunities.

Of course, if you’ve read any of our lifestyle and careers articles, you’ll know that. You can work by the sea or perched on the side of mountains as a freelance writer. You can become a software engineer in Silicon Valley or have fun playing in Ibiza as a club promoter. Whatever you desire, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you.

From Idea to Reality

Finding those opportunities is always the first step. However, going from an idea to actually packing a suitcase and relocating isn’t always easy. For example, if you live in Australia or Nigeria and want to work in London, you need more than a job. Specifically, you need to understand the immigration process and how to obtain a visa.

The best way to do this is to employ the services of immigration lawyers that deal with the often complex process of sponsorship visas on a daily basis. For example, law firm Reiss Edwards deals with clients on both sides of the application process i.e. they work with companies wanting to recruit overseas workers (such as Samsung and TM Lewin) and they work with applicants wanting to work in the UK. This gives their lawyers a unique perspective on the potential stumbling blocks on both sides of the application process.

However, like any situation, you shouldn’t go in blind. Yes, expert lawyers can guide you through the process, but it’s always worth having an idea of the direction you’re going. With this in mind, here are some things to consider if you’re looking at the UK as a prospective place to live out your immigration dreams.

You Need a Skill

One of the main routes into the UK is the Skilled Worker visa. As per the official statistics, 151,106 Skilled Worker visas were approved in 2021 (33% more than in 2019). You need to have the following things in place if you’re applying for a UK Skilled Worker visa:

  • You must have a job offer from an employer approved by the Home Office
  • Proof of the role you’ve been offered
  • A job that’s on an approved list
  • A minimum salary (dependent on the job you’ve been offered)
  • You must be able to read, write, speak and understand English

You Need to Understand Timelines

Skilled Worker visas aren’t approved instantly. In fact, the process can take a few months. As per the UK’s official guidelines, you can only apply for a Skilled Worker visa within three months of starting a new job.

Once you’ve applied and proved your identity, it can take three weeks to get a decision. There are ways to expedite the process by paying a fee. This is another area where expert immigration lawyers can be useful.

You Need to Know the Costs

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Applying for a Skilled Worker visa costs money. There are certain exemptions, but the basics are:

  • The application fee ranges from £625 to £1,423.
  • There is a healthcare surcharge you need to cover. This is £624 per year.
  • You need to have at least £1,270 available to spend when you arrive in the UK.

These are the basics you need to consider if you want to go through the immigration process and work in the UK. There are, however, issues that can arise during the application process, which is why immigration lawyers are often necessary. If you can get these things aligned, moving beyond your own borders and exploring a world of opportunities can be a reality.

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