If you’re thinking of launching an Airbnb, you’ll already be wondering how you can get it looking tip-top. In your own home you can overlook the imperfections, but an Airbnb needs to look polished from the get-go. This, however, can be a pricey and time-consuming project.

If you’re in a hurry or simply need to keep costs down before the profit rolls in, these tips for getting it ready could be invaluable. Everyone has a holiday accommodation horror story – make sure that your Airbnb doesn’t become someone else’s nightmare.

Go all-white

It’s highly probable that your space will need a decor upgrade. To save time and money, keep it simple. White emulsion paint is generally cheaper and tends to require fewer coats. There are many other benefits to choosing white as well. Importantly, it suits everyone, so you won’t put off potential holidaymakers with gaudy colors. Additionally, it makes any space look bigger, lighter, fresher and cleaner.

Fix those simple, unsightly jobs

Whether there’s a small gap between the skirting boards and the walls, a loose handle, a leaky tap, or a wonky picture, these little niggles can stand out like a sore thumb. Go around the house and make a list of these jobs, and set aside a few hours to get them all done in one session. You’ll be amazed at how much better the space looks when all these jobs are completed. Most can be fixed with little skill and basic tools, even just a tube of superglue in some cases. Many people are wary about using superglue, but if you get it on your hands or nails, you can remove it with just a few simple steps.

Showcase local artists

A few statement pieces of art will transform your space from a bog standard rental to a chic holiday home. Discover local artists and finish the walls with a few key pieces. Artwork that depicts the local area is an excellent choice for Airbnbs, and if you buy prints rather than originals, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth either.

Go for it with the lighting

The key to creating the perfect Airbnb is a space that feels at once both homely and elegant. You want to create a warm, welcoming, but sophisticated atmosphere, which is easier said than done. However, good lighting is the fastest way to achieve this. Head to IKEA and buy a variety of simple lamps, both floor and table.

Stock that kitchen

One of the most common complaints regarding Airbnbs is that the kitchen is not adequatley stocked. Again, IKEA is your best friend here. Make sure the kitchen has all the tools, including a bottle opener, tin opener, a good range of knives, a grater, a garlic press, plenty of cutlery (at least two times the full occupancy), plenty of chopping boards, a teapot, and a cafetiere. It’s also really helpful to leave a quality bottle of olive oil and some basic seasonings.

Do one big job

You may have enough time or money to carry out one bigger job, so choose this wisely. Depending on the location of your property, you might want to consider installing an air conditing system into your Airbnb. Alternatively, laminate flooring is an essential job that will cost you money in the short term, but save you lots in the long term. This is a trendy way to update the space as well, which removes the inevitable cost of carpet shampooing and replacements. Another big job worth considering is the installation of a power shower, this simple hack will enhance the experience for every guest.

All of the small jobs on this list will cost you no more than a few hundred pounds or dollars. Best of all, they require little skill or know-how. Make sure you start getting that positive feedback straight away by creating the perfect space.