Returning home after the academic year in the UK or following the completion of a working Visa can be very stressful, not least in terms of baggage. The reality is you’re likely to need to ship much more back than you originally arrived with. Suitcases may have been the order of the day when you set out but after many months or years you have accumulated more possessions and you don’t want to leave any of them behind. 

The thought of shipping or airfreighting your belongings back may seem like a costly and complicated option but that’s not necessarily the case. Excess baggage it may be but it doesn’t have to incur excessive costs. 

Services are now available to make the moving of your belongings a straightforward and affordable affair – whatever your budget and needs. Each year excess baggage professionals ship to countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, with quantities ranging from just the one carton to 20. 

With education and accommodation fees rising the last thing students may have budgeted for is the cost of sending home their newly acquired snowboard or the bike they purchased to ride into the city centre every day. With excess baggage specialists, these types of goods are priced purely on a per item basis for sea freight consignments or by weight for airfreight consignments. 

These specialists often offer a wide range of cartons to cater for all shapes and sizes as well as weight. There are packing options for those heavier course books or dissertations.

The method of shipping also provides options to suit varying budgets. Whilst airfreight is certainly the quickest way to send goods back, if money is tight you could consider the shipping option. This takes approximately 8-12 weeks to deep sea destinations and 2-6 weeks to closer shipping destinations but is by far the cheapest. 

If you are returning home after a period of work, your excess baggage requirements may be very different to that of a student but there are still plenty of options available to you. 

The removal of furniture or the shipping of mirrors, pictures or even a tool box can be arranged. Golf clubs and computer monitors have been thought about too. All these items are expensive to replace and sending them back home with you may be the best option. 

When looking for a quote, make sure it’s based on the volume or weight as well as the quantity of goods you are shipping. If you have anything more unusual to ship, such as a large ornament, make sure special considerations are put in place to care for its unusual shape and fragility. No shipment should be too difficult. 

For example, in addition to economy cartons, book cartons and larger tea cartons, specialist baggage companies can accommodate everything from your favourite throws and cushions to kettles and toasters.  

All cartons and packing materials should be provided free and once you’ve packed everything up your goods will be collected, free of charge, if you live within the M25. Outside of that parameter incurs a small fee. Still it might be a small price to pay if you’re busy packing up your life and winding up a job. 

A sense of urgency may influence how you send your belongings back and getting your goods delivered quickly and safely could be your number one priority.  Belongings can take approximately 1-14 days door to door depending on your final destination and whether you would like our speedy express service or an economy service. The last thing you need is a new job, new home and complications with your belongings. Picking the right company with flexible costings and delivery options is the only way forward.