You’re moving back to Australia. You’ve shipped out most of your belongings (having discovered you somehow accumulated some 10 tonnes of who-knows-what in a few short years), you’ve closed your bank accounts, you’ve ended your rental contract and managed to get your deposit back. You’re feeling pretty smug aren’t you?

Until – shit a brick – how heavy is your suitcase?? You thought you’d gauged it carefully, but the essential items you simply have to have as soon as you get back to Oz have somehow added up to 50kg. You’re baggage allowance is 30kg. Uh oh.

Not only are you going to have to pay serious excess baggage, but you are going to have to attempt to lug a 50kg suitcase – or worse, two suitcases – on the London tube. At rush hour. ‘Why God? Why do you hate me?’ You despair.

But never fear, Luggage Mule is here. This new service is cheaper than excess baggage and speedier than shipping. Luggage Mule will collect your suitcase from home or work, Monday to Friday, and deliver it to your specified address (be it your home or a hotel) the day before your arrival, so it’s sitting pretty waiting for you. To send a 30kg suitcase back to Australia you’re looking at £159.99.

This service is also great for skiing trips, to save you lugging your heavy equipment around, with delivery to Europe costing £39.99 one way.