Are there many employment opportunities for travellers in the finance sector? Absolutely. Even though the bulk of our work is with insurance and wealth management organisations, we recruit at all levels within these. So as you can imagine, a large organisation would have every role under the sun and so our roles can be technical or non-technical, temp or permanent, in almost any field.

And what kind of people are you looking for? To be a great temp you need to be flexible and have smart business dress. Most of all, a positive attitude will get you the pick of the jobs.

What documents will I need before I can sign up with your agency? You will need an up-to-date CV, the contact details of at least two work referees, past testing results if you have them, and a passport to prove your work rights in Australia. Come dressed in your best business attire for the interview because we need to know what environment you are able to work in. Sometimes flip-flops just don’t pass the grade in an investment bank!

Is past experience a must? It really depends on what role you are looking for. For a technical role, we generally require experience in that field, while administration can be a little more general.

What advice would you offer travellers when they first make contact with you? Make every effort to be enthusiastic and flexible. Keep in touch at least once a week. The best roles go to those people who have made an effort to build a relationship with their consultant.

How long are the work placements? Anywhere from one day to six months. The longer term roles usually go to the candidates we’ve worked with before, so if you are offered a short role, it can be a way of building your reputation so you secure the long-term role next time around.

Is there any chance of a temp position turning into a sponsored position? That is really up to the organisation in question, and we would never suggest taking a temp role with the hope that that may happen. If you are looking for sponsorship, be honest with your consultant, and we can try and work towards that.

How much money can I expect to earn? From $18 an hour for a general administrative role to, well, the upper rate is endless, depending on what technical skills you may have.

What are the benefits of signing up with your agency? You can expect to work for a reputable organisation in a professional environment, and add some great international experience to your profile. International experience on a resume for someone who is career focused can only be a positive thing, and a large number of our clients are market leaders both domestically and internationally. This kind of experience can be invaluable to your future. Alexandra Dimitriou Brunner is Manager of Temporary Recruitment at Porterallen Hendren. Call (02) 8247 5700 or visit for more information about job opportunities.