Kevin Forde 28, England

You’re back in the UK now. But what jobs did you do in Oz? I worked in a supermarket, as a waiter, in a sushi bar, as a telesales rep, in an internet cafe and as a telecanvasser.

Which did you enjoy most? The internet cafe in Cairns was sweet. I was so skint I was going to Innisfail to pick bananas. Luckily, on my “leaving” night, I got too drunk, slept in and missed my coach. I saw the job ad that morning, was interviewed in the afternoon and started the next day. I had enough responsibility not to be bored, but enough free time to have a laugh.

Then you did a tax return from the UK… Yeah, I completed an online form in an internet cafe. But when I clicked “send” the computer went funny. I decided it was probably okay. A year or two later, I saw an advert for a tax agent, which said they could claim your superannuation back for you. I applied and filed a tax return as well, just in case. It turned out my tax return hadn’t worked. They claimed my tax and superannuation back for me and I got around £1,000 (AU$2,000). There’s no way I could have got a lot of that money without them.