If you’re travelling on a working holiday visa, it may be more difficult to find a permanent, full-time job. But the new visa changes, which allows Australians and New Zealanders to work in the UK for 24 months, improves Antipodeans chances of securing a permanent position. There’s also plenty of short-term contract and temporary jobs for people who prefer more flexible employment.

Recruitment agencies

Many new arrivals head to recruitment agencies when they start looking for a job. When considering signing up with recruitment agencies you should ask yourself the following: Do you want a permanent job or short-term contracts? How much confidence do you have in finding a job on your own? What would you like to do while living in the UK?

Some industries rely on agency recruitment more than others.

Finding work through an agency is effectively a three-stage process:

  • You contact an agency and arrange to submit your CV
  • The agency calls you in for an interview, where upon they may also test you on your skills
  • The agency then matches you to a job that suits your skills and experience

This is the general procedure for recruitment agencies, but the reality may differ. While many recruitment agencies are very efficient and reliable, others may essentially forget about you when you’ve finished your interview.

It’s worth signing up to several agencies to broaden your chances of finding work, but try to build a rapport with a few agencies that specialise in your industry.

Don’t be afraid to phone the agencies regularly to remind them you’re still looking for work.

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Finding a job by yourself

In addition to using recruitment agencies, searching for a job by yourself will do more to optimise your chances in the UK job market.

Searching the major national newspapers and their websites is a good place to start your job search. There are plenty of recruitment websites around too.

Specialist publications and websites aimed at your related industry often advertise job positions that may not be advertised in larger recruitment publications.

Targeting specific companies you would like to work for is also an effective way to find a job. Check the company’s website regularly for new jobs being advertised, and contact their Human Resources department to find out the best way to apply for available positions.

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