You may have come across various tips and tricks on how to dress, how to sit, and how to answer smartly during a job interview. Today, you will learn a few makeup dos and don’ts for job interviews that can leave a long-lasting impression on the interview panel.

1. Always match your makeup with your skin tone

Learn to accept your skin color gracefully. Don’t try to look dark if you are too fair or look fair if you have a dark skin tone. You need to present who you are in front of your interview panel. This calls for a nude lip gloss, light eye shadow, and light lipstick. The idea here is to blend your makeup with your skin tone and not stand out. 

2. Skip those false eyelashes

Renowned makeup artist and makeup trainer, Sadaf Torabi, advises that you shouldn’t use false eyelashes while going for an interview. False eyelashes indeed make you appear wide-eyed and awake, but you also worry about the eyelashes sticking in place all the time. This can prevent you from acing your interview. You should be less self-conscious when it comes to your makeup and focus more on answering the interviewer’s questions. 

3. No clumsy mascara

Sadaf Torabi, during her makeup training days, learned that less is more for mascara. She believes that you shouldn’t apply too much mascara before going for an interview. It may lead to clumpy lashes and they don’t make you look pretty. Instead, the interviewers may get the wrong impression that you spent a lot of time on makeup instead of preparing for the interview. Try to look as professional as possible. Sadaf is not against applying mascara. She says that you should use it only to highlight your eyelashes slightly.

4. Say yes to natural lip gloss

Many women prefer to use dark shades of lipstick whenever they go out. They follow the same rule while going for an interview. This may not work in your favor. Dark and bold lipsticks are ideal for parties and other events and not for interviews. Try sticking to a natural lip gloss. Most importantly, try to pick a light shade that highlights your lip and not the color. 

Also, make sure you don’t put too much lip gloss. You don’t want it to become sticky, dry up, or get smeared while talking. It is best if you choose a thin, moisturizing lip gloss. In fact, Sadaf recommends using a lip balm if you don’t feel comfortable with lip gloss.

It is essential to make a good first impression on your interviewers the moment you step into the interview room. A lot depends on your gait, appearance, and the way you present yourself. Therefore, follow these tips above to impress your interviewers and increase the chances of getting hired.