Chelsea Wolney
23, from Canada

How did you land your new job? 

I got my registration for Victoria and then searched a few agencies. I was hired the day I came in.

What’s your new job like? 

It’s good. It’s definitely more demanding due to people shortages, but also a bit more laidback than Canada. 

Is sponsorship a possibility?

I’ve been told it’s a definite possibility. They need nurses. I haven’t looked into it, but I don’t imagine it would be too tough.

What’s the pay like?

Well, I can only compare it to home, and in that case I’ve been told it’s “way more” than Canada. I do pretty good if I work weekends!

Any good stories? 

Ha ha, heaps of good stories in nursing, they’re just not always for everyone’s ears! But I still find it funny that about 20 of my patients and a few nurses thought I was Irish.

What’s your best advice for travellers considering your job in Australia? 

Agency work is great if you want to land a job quick and easy and for a short period of time, or while you’re waiting to hear back about permanent positions. Oh, and expect to be shocked by what they wear for work here.