Rob Simpson 23, from England

What do you do? I work at a hostel in Cairns, driving the shuttle bus to town and the airport. I also do check-ins when reception is shut, clean the kitchen, control drunk people and clean sick.

How’s the money? About $450 a week, plus free accommodation, dinner and soft drinks. It’s pretty good.

What did you do back home? Forklift truck driver and nightclub barman.

Do you see your new role as a potential career? Ha! That would be nice. It’s easy, but probably not a long term thing.

Any good stories? There was this Korean girl I picked up from the airport. She found a rhino beetle on her head and tried to get out of the bus in a panic. We were doing 80km/ph at the time.

What’s best about it? Meeting new people and watching their faces when I tell them there is no beach in Cairns and that the water is full of crocs and jellyfish.

And the bad points? Drunk people and sick.

Describe it in three words? Fun, varied, vomit.

What are you doing with the cash you’re earning? I’m into scuba diving now, so I’m saving to do as much of that as I can.

Where next? Hopefully the Cook Islands.