Bertrand Cavalier 24, from France

What made you decide to work in Australia? I needed a break between studies and the beginning of my professional career. Plus i needed to improve my English. And of course because i knew that Australia was an awesome country.

What’s your job? I’m a barista [coffee maker] in a café at the University of NSW.

And how did you get it? I got it through a newspaper advert. I had a three hour trial and i got it.

How’s the pay? $14 per hour with free lunch. Not bad.

What’s great about your job? Great team, good money, good food, nice customers (students and professors), and it’s close to home.

And what’s not so great? Cleaning the coffee machine.

What was your job back home? Sport event manager assistant.

How does working in Australia compare? It’s easier to find a casual job. Most of the time in Sydney, the pay is in cash.

Got any good stories to share from your new job? My middle name is Max, so when i started in this job, one of my workmate give me a funny nickname, “Pepsi Max”. It gave us a great laugh each time someone asked for this soft drink.

Where have you travelled so far, and where to next? The east coast and Perth so far. Next is an awesome trip with my best friend in Oz, Flo, driving in van from Perth to Sydney, via Broome, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne…

How long have you been in Australia for? Now, six months. Best advice for other travellers wanting jobs in cafes? Learn how to make coffee and you’ll get thousands of jobs.