Phil cole 34, UK

So, tell us about your job? It’s very busy, but there’s a good team and location. I design and implement back-end IT systems, like the guys out of The IT Crowd… but much cooler.

What job did you have back home? IT contractor.

How does your new job compare to your job back home? Well, I get paid with waterproof money!

How did you land your new job? Through a recruitment agency.

Was it hard finding a job in the IT sector? Not really, the market is very good at the moment.

What would you say are the good points about your new job? It takes me 30 minutes to get home, I get paid by the hour and I get free tea. Any bad points? It’s still hard work, no matter where you are – I did a 17-hour day last week.

Have you had any memorable moments at your new job? You know you have started a new job in Australia when the contents of your welcome pack include a stubby holder, a bottle opener and a beach ball (I’m not kidding!).

How’s the pay? Okay, of course it could always be better. How long have you been in Australia for? Three months.

Where to next? Perth for a holiday, and maybe Bali next year.

Any advice for other travellers who might be considering your job? The market is strong, just have a good CV and follow up your applications. Never lie about system experience as you will get caught out. Use stubby holders – they actually work and no-one will laugh at you (here).