Gabriella Lahti (TNT staff writer, and promo gal)
24, from Sweden

So, what was your job like? 

I would hand out free stuff to people; chocolate, alcohol, dildos… Whatever it was that the client wanted to promote. 

What job did you have back home?

I was a student and I did some radio work before I came here.

How did the promotions work compare?

This is far less creative – there is no mental challenge. Just making sure you finish the X amount of freebies you have to hand out.

How did you get the job?

Through the internet. There is about five million promotion agencies in Australia who are looking for outgoing people to promote their products.

Was it hard finding a job? 

No. As long as you look presentable and know how to scream: “It’s free!”

What are the good points about your new job?

The money and the short shifts. Basically all my work mates are good looking AND nice so I can both perve and have a good conversation at the same time!

Any bad points?

Personally I am in the state of my life where I feel I want to do other things than handing out free USB sticks. 

Any memorable moments?

Yes. It gives me a lot of time to experience and realise that Australia really needs to put some effort into the dental care; the amount of missing teeth in the mouths of people on the street is outrageous!

How’s the pay?

Minimum $24 per hour.

Any tips?

Yes, make sure you show up in time for your interview – TIME IS MONEY. If you are late for a shift, make sure you have a good excuse, like, “my trousers just flew off me so I was butt-naked and had to go home to put on a new pair”. Otherwise, you may get sacked. 

When TNT sacks you for being too mental, where are you headed next? 

Thailand, Sweden, Hungary, Cuba. Oh yeah, I’m totally out there. Like, wild.

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