Are there currently many employment opportunities for travellers?
Temporary and contracting work is available all the time. In fact, working holiday “travellers” make up 75 per cent of our workforce.

So what kind of work do you offer?
We are an Office Support Specialist agency. That means we need professional people with good MS Office skills and experience working in an office environment.

What qualifications do I need?
Formal qualifications as such are not required, however past office experience is a must.

What documents will I need before I can sign up with your agency?
You must bring into the office your passport with the appropriate Australian visa, your Tax File Number, bank account details and your CV with references.

What makes a good CV?
CVs must be concise with the clear details (in bullet form) of the types of work/skills you have previously performed. Please make sure you provide references.

Do you have work for travellers without formal qualifications?
Yes, formal qualifications are rarely needed in the “office support” specialist area. We require people with experience working in an office, plus good computer skills in MS Office.

What advice would you offer travellers when they first make contact with you?
To have all their information readily available. Make sure you attend the interview professionally attired as well.

How much money can I expect to earn?
This depends largely on your experience and skills. Our rates start at $18 per hour but this is the minimum wage.

How long are the work placements usually?
There is no usual! Many one-day assignments evolve into many weeks or even months.

Where is the work located?
We cover work from Gosford to Wollongong – the assignment must be easily accessed by public transport!

What can I expect from your agency?
You will find a professional and very accommodating staff who will welcome you and give helpful information wherever possible. We pay our contractors very well. When travellers are returning home we have a strategic alliance with one of the largest UK agencies (Reed UK), who will also help you look for work on your return.

Finally, why is office work a good option for travellers?
Office support is offered in a professional environment usually within the CBD. When returning home to the UK or elsewhere, this international experience will look very good on your resume.

– Thanks to Narelle Blackadder, Director of The Blackadder Recruitment Company. For more information on jobs visit or email