The market of crypto assets is highly volatile. Crypto price fluctuations give many earning opportunities for crypto investors and traders. They use different trading tools to make a profit, for example:

  • p2p exchange;
  • spot market trading;
  • futures derivatives;
  • margin;
  • leverage;
  • etc.

Futures trading is one of the most complex financial tools. It implies speculation on the future asset’s price and buying or selling coins at a pre-agreed rate and on a pre-determined day. Many large crypto platforms over this trading tool. FTX is one of the leading crypto platforms for trading, offering advanced tools for futures trading and leverage. This exchange suits both experienced traders and novice users.

The FTX exchange has its native crypto – the FTT token, which provides discounts on trading fees for its holders. The token was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Its total supply is 352,170,015.

The FTT coin market capitalisation is over $2 billion, and its trade volume is over $39 million daily.

FTT Coin Price and Prospects

The maximum price of the FTT crypto was $84.18. The most popular pair, FTT USDT, is traded at $22.2 as of mid-October 2022. Since the FTX crypto exchange is very popular, the token has all the chances to grow in value. The platform has many large partnerships in the crypto industry and does not stop developing. Analysts believe that the FTX rate will stay around $22 in 2022 and rise to $38 in 2023. It is suggested that the FTT token price will reach $61 in 2025.

We recommend doing your own research on the asset before buying it. Look for more information on the FTT coin on the WhiteBIT blog. There you will find many helpful guides on trading, useful recommendations and tips, as well as reviews on promising crypto projects to invest in.