1. See Sydney in Summer

Outdoor festivals, sunny beer gardens, beachy week-end, Christmas on the beach, New year fireworks. The best city in the world â„¢ .

2. Catch a Sydney ferry

Do what the locals do and jump on a ferry. Heading over to Manly or Watson’s Bay, you get million-dollar views for a fiver.

3. Walk from Bondi to Coogee

Take the cliff-top walk between two of Sydney’s most iconic eastern beaches.

4. Chill out on the North Coast

Byron Bay is just the begining of the outrageously beautiful, famously laid-back northern coast. Nearby Nimbin hosts a ‘mardi-gras’ festival. ‘Nuff said really…

5. Get high in the Blue Mountains

Known to all Sydneysiders as simply ‘the mountains’, these stunning canyons and hilltop towns are worth more than a day-trip.

6. Crack that whip

Head to ‘cowboy country’ to learn how to ride, shear a sheep and wear a silly hat.

7. Go south

Wildlife-tastic Pebbly Beach and the enormous Nan Tien Buddhist Temple are two of the surprises of the lesser-known south coast.

8. Head for the weird, wild west

In the same state as the harbour city you’ll find red dirt, outback-tastic Broken Hill.

9. Frolic in the snow

Yup, NSW’s Snowy Mountains boast a pretty good ski season from June – September.

10. Get out on the water

Whether it’s sea-kayaking with dolphins in Byron, surf-rafting in Coffs or learning to board in Sydney, you’ve just got to get wet.