If you’re the kind of adventurous soul who needs to see the world and try new things, then there are plenty of ways in which Italy’s capital can satisfy your wanderlust. And sometimes a spur-of-the-moment trip to a dream destination is what makes life truly worth living, so when your desire to travel starts to call out to you again, be sure to include Rome on your list of places to explore.

To make your next trip across the world even more memorable, here are just a few of the essential experiences to try during your Rome adventure.

Spend an evening at the opera

In Rome opera tickets are like a doorway to the very core of Italy’s passion and romanticism in the arts. Use this opportunity as a chance to dress up in your very best clothes, sit back, and feel hundreds of years of culture wash over you.

Experiencing an opera performance in Rome is something that will cling to your very soul, and stay with you long after the show has ended. Those powerful notes and themes will continue to reverberate for years to come.

Visit Gianicolo (Janiculum)

Rome’s highest hill offers you an immersive look over the rooftops of this historic city, with the kind of natural beauty and sweeping views that will truly make you feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different world.

The hill’s stunning sights are scattered with history throughout, with dignified monuments to the Italian unification wars of the mid-1800s paying homage to the city’s past. In the summer seasons, the hill has a few open bars and even carnival rides to reward you for your walk up this unforgettable piece of Italian history.

Attend a football match at the Stadio Olimpico

On any given night, if the wind is kind, you can hear the echoes of 70,000 passionate football fans chanting in unison across the landscapes of Rome. So, if you’re truly looking for the full Italian experience, why not go along to add your voice to that iconic roar?

While football isn’t always top of people’s lists of fun things to do abroad, this stadium in the north of Rome serves as a celebration of what encapsulates Italian football – skill, poise, panache, and most of all, passion. Despite the stadium’s primary use for football, it also hosts several other sporting events for you to attend.

The Roman Colosseum

As one of Italy’s biggest tourist attractions, this stark reminder of ancient Rome is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. For 500 years now, this iconic amphitheatre has hosted bloody battles in front of thousands of spectators, as well as public executions, and has even survived the bombings of World War Two.

The Colosseum has been a home for gladiators, prisoners, Roman nobility, and now eager tourists. For a powerful reminder of a country’s rich history, this landmark of Italy truly encapsulates the unique culture of the Roman Empire.