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Home to more than 1.3 million residents, the Italian city of Milan is frequented by well over 10 million visitors on an annual basis. Not only is Milan associated with a host of popular attractions, but it is also an extremely budget-friendly city for those with limited finances. If you are planning a visit, it “pays” to take a closer look why a backpacking tour could represent the ideal solution to quench your feelings of wanderlust.

Lesser-Known Experiences: Avoiding Tourist Traps

There is no doubt that visitors will always want to experience sights such as the Duomo di Milano and the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. The only issue here is that these locations tend to be laden with tourists. Many instead prefer to think outside of the box by frequenting lesser-known (but equally memorable) locations. Keep these options in mind when planning a visit:

  • Neighbourhoods steeped in culture such as Porta Venezia and Isola.
  • Relatively isolated beaches including idroscalo and the islands nestled within Lago Maggiore.
  • Natural parks including Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli and Parco delle Cave

Note that the Lago Maggiore islands is the only one that is not accessible by foot, but by public transport.

Wallet-Friendly Travel Suggestions

While the tips mentioned above will all come in handy, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Milan without breaking the bank. One well-known strategy involves visiting locations that will not charge entry fees. City parks and historic churches (including the church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore) are two practical solutions.

In the same respect, it is no secret that Milan is home to a host of extremely luxurious restaurants (no fewer than 16 have at least one Michelin Star). If you cannot afford such options, why not instead visit one of the many open-air markets that have come to define Milanese culture? These tend to be open throughout the year and they are excellent ways to appreciate the culinary nuances of the entire region.

It is also wise to use an ATM or debit card when paying for everyday services such as public transportation. This is an extremely efficient way to travel between destinations and you will not have to worry about holding large amounts of cash at any given time.

How to Reach Milan: The Basics

A plethora of low-cost flights to Milan Bergamo Airport (Aeroporto di Bergamo – Orio al Serio) and this airport is quite close to the city centre (51 kilometres or approximately 46 minutes by car via the A4 motorway). An express Milan to Bergamo airport bus will get you where you need to be in not time at all.

Flibco: Your Solution for Low-Cost Transportation Services

Flibco appreciates the fact that nothing should be left to chance when experiencing Milan. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or this is your first time visiting, their transportation services are here to help. They provide a quick, convenient and reliable means to reach the city centre from Orio al Serio Airport. Their express buses are also timed in such a way as to adapt to all incoming and outgoing flights; saving you even more time.

Flibco likewise provides streamlined booking options through their website or via a dedicated mobile application. When this is combined with money-saving advanced reservations alongside more than 500 discount codes (including 10% off by entering the code VIAGGIA-10), saving money has never been easier. Note that they provide plenty of other express bus services throughout Europe and a representative will be happy to answer any questions. After all, why make travelling any more complicated than it has to be?