The daunting task of planning your first trip abroad is fascinating but also anxiety-inducing. If you have never traveled, you will quickly learn that the world is drastically more diverse and delightful than the town or country where you grew up.

We have some tips for first-time travelers to help make the most out of your experience and prevent making the same mistakes we did to ensure you make the most out of your first travel experience.

Plan Your Budget Carefully

It’s no secret that traveling can become expensive quickly – buying plane tickets, booking a hotel or hostel, securing travel insurance and local means of transportation. All these costs can leave you anxious about spending money once you reach your destination.

A great rule of thumb when planning your travel finances with an app like Mint or YNAB is to allocate at least double the amount of money you think you’d need for each category of expenses.

This way, you won’t have to worry about overspending and struggling to pay for something at the end of the trip. Some of these apps even allow you to synch your bank account with your budgeting app, meaning you won’t need to input your expenses manually.

What’s more, planning and allocating more money upfront means that you’ll be prepared for any emergencies that might come your way.

Manage Your Fears

Travel anxiety is a problem that can be brought on by the stress of making travel plans and the worry of visiting a foreign, unknown place.

According to the Center for Treatment of Anxiety & Mood Disorders, 40 million Americans are diagnosed with anxiety disorder. And about 25 percent of the population — are specifically anxious about travel. And those are pre-pandemic numbers!

Travel anxiety is not a recognized mental health disorder, but for some people, it can grow severe and prevent them from taking a trip or appreciating every bit of traveling. Using apps like Headspace or Calm can help you relax, be mindful, and be less anxious.

Find ways to control your emotions and enjoy your trip anxiety-free!

Check In With Family and Friends

Before you depart, give a few different family members or close friends a copy of your travel schedule. Make it a habit of catching up with them regularly after that.

Having someone keep tabs on your whereabouts and expect you to check in daily might make a significant difference if something goes wrong during your trip. It could be as simple as using Gmail to send a letter before bed each night or scheduling a daily video call using an app like Messenger or WhatsApp!

Because sending text messages or making regular phone calls can be expensive overseas, find a mobile communication app that allows you to chat or call by connecting to Wi-Fi.

Offset Traveling Costs

Not to sound like a Debbie Downer, but traveling can take a toll on your bank account and wallet – we’ve already covered that. According to Forbes, a solo traveler can expect to spend just under $1,400 on a 3-day trip. So, after you’re done planning your travel budget, how about we teach you how to make money when traveling?

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