You can plan a lot of different types of recreation in the autumn. If you pick the right nation for your holiday, you can ignore visas, tests, and certifications. Autumn frequently receives unfair disregard when it comes to vacations. In addition, the start of the velvet season, a time when resorts offer discounts and free stays, coincides with the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year. The velvet season, which many resorts are still in from September through October, is when you may enjoy your vacation in comfort. Tourist interest in far-off exotic countries is rising as winter draws near.

When choosing a place to travel in autumn, logistics and prices are of great importance. It’s crucial to think about your mobility after you arrive at your location. For instance, a lot of visitors choose to hire a vehicle. It makes the most financial sense to rent a car suv if you’re going on a trip with family members or pals. You may travel comfortably, explore nearby sites, and lower your risk of contracting viruses by hiring a vehicle. Using a rental car is especially practical if you travel extensively while visiting hot regions.

The most popular countries for autumn vacations are:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE);
  • Turkey;
  • Egypt;
  • The Maldives.


In the UAE, the heat gradually subsides at the beginning of autumn, and the weather becomes much more comfortable than in summer. Because of this, the cost of tours traditionally increases. But on the other hand, tourism infrastructure has been successfully developing in the UAE for a long time. The country has a huge hotel base: beach, city, family, luxury, and budget. Some emirates, for example, Dubai, offer not only the possibility of a beach holiday but also a huge number of leisure options, including excursions and shopping. Read some tips for Dubai travelers and be ready to enjoy your trip!


A huge number of people spend their holidays in Turkey in autumn. The country offers holidays for people with a variety of needs and wallet sizes. The swimming season ends only at the beginning of November. Some hotels have heated pools, where visitors can swim after the sea temperature becomes uncomfortable. The weather in the autumn period in Turkey is milder, unlike in summer. Therefore, you can sunbathe safely and also enjoy pleasant seawater. The Mediterranean coast will make you feel comfortable on vacation in September and October.


A warm African country welcomes guests in autumn and even winter. However, it is important to select the place of rest carefully. Some hotels have sandy beaches, while other tourists will have to enter the sea from a pontoon due to a coral reef, and some hotels combine both options. Also, it is very often windy in Egypt. As winter approaches, this becomes a serious disadvantage that can even ruin your vacation. Therefore, it is important to clarify whether such a problem will arise in the chosen hotel during your holiday and, if necessary, give preference to bays protected from the wind. Check out tips on how to make your holiday safe for children, if you are planning to go on a trip with them.

The Maldives

In any weather, the Maldives are bustling with tourists. Even though the Maldives are still experiencing heavy rain in the fall and the number of travelers is significantly declining compared to the winter season, many individuals still wish to travel to this idyllic location. After all, there are several benefits to visiting the Maldives in the fall. The level of prices is directly impacted by the decline in visitor activity during the so-called off-season. As a result, compared to the winter season, autumn tours to the Maldives can be booked at reasonably advantageous rates.

One of the wettest months of the year in the Maldives is September. However, according to meteorological experts, Addu Atoll is typified by a drier climate and mild breezes around this time. October in the Maldives is indeed marked by extreme humidity. There are 10 to 15 rainy days per month on some atolls, although these showers do not significantly lower the temperature. The humid period finishes in November. The weather is still fairly pleasant for amusement even though the final month of fall is also quite rainy.