We’ve been intrigued by CNN’s top pick – none other than our northerly neighbours Scotland.

The county has dubbed the 2013 the ‘Year of Natural Scotland’, and with the scenes of James Bond flick “Skyfall, which showcased dramatic countryside and misty highlands, fresh in everyone’s minds, we reckon they’re bang on the money.

CNN says: “More independent-minded trekkers will find 2013 a good year to tackle part of Scotland’s Great Trails, a network of long-distance routes across the country. The entire length of the country — all 750 kilometers of it — can be walked via the recently announced Gore-Tex Scottish National Trail. The trail, which runs from the English border to Cape Wrath, travels past pristine lochs and haunting glens as it follows mainly existing routes, such as the West Highland Way and Rob Roy Way”

Also on their travel hotlist is Rabat, Morocco’s low-key capital, and the medieval charms of Košice, Slovakia and Gettysburg, US.

What do you think? Are any of these destinations on your hit list this year?

image via Getty