Check out our top ideas for a family-friendly staycation that will be memorable for all the right reasons!

1. Create your own water park

Bring all the fun of the pool into your own garden! One of the things kids love the most about going on holiday has to be all the splashing and sliding at the water park, but they don’t have to miss out just because you are staying at home. Why not make the most of your garden and let your kids be entertained with their very own inflatable water slide? There are a variety of water slides to choose from on this site, so you can find the perfect option to suit your space – as well as finding the one you think your children would find the most fun. A kids’ water slide is a great investment for future summer fun, too!

2. Eat outdoors

It may sound obvious, but simply moving the meal table can make dinnertime feel special. Eat from paper plates or on a picnic rug in the garden, and the kids will feel like they’re having a real treat – as well as having the added advantage of creating less washing up! A barbecue (such as one of the options available here), makes everyone feel like they’re on holiday, with food options galore to suit the whole family. If burgers and sausages are not to everyone’s taste, why not try halloumi and veggie skewers? The kids will love getting involved with the chopping!

3. Build a den

This is one you can do indoors or out, so the weather can’t put a dampener on things! Kids love building dens, so why not help them to set up a special fort or hide-out, using simple things from the house? Some old sheets draped over the backs of dining chairs or a table are a great place to start, or if the weather is on your side, take the sheets outdoors and hang them from a tree! Kids love using their imaginations, and will have hours of fun with this one. Listen to the stories they create and sit back to enjoy a moment of calm for yourself.

4. Plan a board game marathon

Remember all those board games tucked away at the back of the cupboard? Well, get them out! Board games are a great way of tearing your kids away from screens, and even help them practise some key skills in the meantime. Everyone will enjoy this relaxed, fun family activity! 

5. Go exploring

We all have our usual places we visit in our local area, so why not visit somewhere you’ve never been? Try the local museums or find an unfamiliar footpath and see where it takes you! Go prepared with a rucksack full of snacks, and let the family feel a sense of adventure!

Remember, just because foreign holidays are in short supply right now, you can still enjoy a holiday vibe and plan a staycation with memories for the whole family to treasure!