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Crossfit attracts a mainly white-collar crowd, some athletes, but plenty of ‘normal’ citizens simply seeking an improvement in their health and strength.

“The average everyday person is sitting in the gym saying ‘god, this is boring. How do I make it interesting?” Stemler says. ”Crossfit offers out of the machines, out of the routine some disinterested person has written for you, and the chance to test yourself in some genuine ways.” He advises researching Crossfit  first and stresses not getting bullied into it.

“If you’re not motivated, you’ll probably do very badly with us,” he says. “If you’ve worked out you need to lose weight, or need more strength and power, if you’ve got to that mental stage, then you’re ready.”

Today, the memories of my time at Crossfit are present whenever I’m in the gym: that awareness of form I had drilled into me and the understanding that whenever I think I can’t do any more, there’s no doubt I can.

“It’s about work capacity: you’re knackered, but how many more times can you raise that bar while still maintaining quality form and movement?” Stemler says. “You soon develop some very useful benchmarks to judge yourself and others by, in terms of fitness.”


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