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The lads have been given a brief for the TNT cover, to come up with a concept that shows how street art is emerging into the mainstream, how it’s now more accepted.

They’ve chosen to paint their friend, Amie Conradine – a blue-haired model who has graced the cover of Bizarre magazine.

“Rather than just a straight portrait, we thought it would be interesting to paint an artist in the foreground, as if the portrait was being finished by this character,“ B says.

In total, the lads work on the design for about 10 hours – so it’s almost heartbreaking when they have to paint over the final piece.

Afterwards, to the naked eye, you’d never know it had been there. Brazier says it isn’t as bad as when an artist’s work is sprayed over by another ’writer’.

“Traditionally, covering another artist’s work is seen as a declaration of war,“ he explains.

It’s something Banksy must now be used to. Last year, one of his murals, said to be worth £100,000, was painted over by bungling council workers in Bristol, causing outrage.

However, that’s not something that would worry B, who admits the artist’s work isn’t to his personal taste.

But he does acknowledge how the perception of street painting has changed thanks to the satirical artist – who has never revealed his real identity – but that doesn’t necessarily make him popular on the scene.

“Without Banksy we wouldn’t be doing this for a living,“ B says. “He is probably the most well-known artist in the world and made people pay attention to street art.

“Within graffiti he’s pretty universally hated, but a lot of that is probably jealousy. Most graffiti artists want fame, who is more famous than Banksy?“

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Photos: TNT; Graffit Life

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